Three-Year-Olds? They’re Tough Cookies


tough cookiesIt’s not easy parenting three-year-olds. They are “tough cookies.” And by tough cookies, I mean that they are tough customers, but at the same time, they are sweet like cookies. Oh, and three-year-olds also love cookies. They would eat them for every meal if they could {wait, so would I, oops}.

They are tough because, in figuring out what this big world is all about, they are testing out boundaries. They are unpredictable, emotional, and sticky, always sticky. They are prone to throw a tantrum as soon as you break that banana in half because they wanted to eat it whole, even though 5 seconds earlier, they asked for you to cut it in half. Their favorite dinner from yesterday is definitely not going to be their favorite dinner today. They ask for snacks nonstop, especially if they just finished eating a meal.

They also absorb everything, and if you aren’t careful, they may repeat that not-so-nice word that you accidentally said last night when they get to school the next morning. They don’t want to eat anything green. They will ask you a million questions each day. Some nights it may feel like it would be easier to wrestle a lion than put a 3-year-old to bed

But, in those tough times, remember, this is just a stage, and it shall soon pass.

Despite that they are tough and may make you question your sanity sometimes, they are also as sweet as cookies. I’m talking Original Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies sweet. Those cookies are the best, right? They take some work to prep and bake, but, man, they are worth it! That’s what a three-year-old is. They have the biggest hearts and will melt your own heart daily. They express everything they feel at that time, including showing you how much they love you through spontaneous hugs and kisses and “I love you, mommy.” They will surprise you daily. They are inquisitive and want you to tell them everything about the world.

They have pure innocence and won’t hesitate to tell you exactly what they think. They are unencumbered by drama and judgment. Three-year-olds can make friends instantly, and they always forgive easily. They are young, wild, and free. They become your best friends and actually want to hang out with you. They have the absolute best laughs and the wildest imaginations. They are silly and carefree. We would probably do ourselves a favor by taking a page out of our three-year-old’s book.

So three-year-olds may be tough, but they are amazing and so sweet. They are figuring out the world, and you are just along for the ride. Our lives are richer with three-year-olds in them, even if our hair may be turning grey because of them. Remember that the frustrating times are worth it for all of the love that they pour out to you from their tiny hearts.

Can you relate? What has been your favorite or least favorite age?


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