5 Things Every Mom-Mobile Needs


We spend a lot of time in my car, especially now that summer’s here. Whether we’re exploring Fairfield County, on a road trip or getting away, my car often feels like our second home. That being said, here are the five things that I think every mom-mobile needs:

1. Storage Tote

My back seat fits a convertible car seat and a booster seat, and leaves only a little space in the middle seat. This middle seat became equal parts dumping ground and black hole, and it was driving me crazy. I finally bought a nestbasket (plastic storage tote) and it fits perfectly to collect everything my children need and more. Cleaning out my car has never been easier.

2. First Aid Kit

Have you ever tried to find a band-aid at the playground or an ice pack after a bad fall at the splash pad? Been there, done that, and it involved a melting Italian ice from the ice cream truck… what a mess! These Johnson & Johnson First Aid to Go! kits are usually only $1, and are easy to restock as-needed. I also now keep a box of Instant Cold Packs in my car.

3. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes always come to our rescue for messy faces, messy hands, yucky noses, and dirty feet. Read 15 reasons why baby wipes are the baby product Michelle can’t live without.

4. Change of Clothes

Spills, falls, car-sickness, potty-training accidents, and the list goes on. If your children don’t need the change of clothes, your friend’s children will.

5. Snacks & Water

The only thing worse than driving “hangry” kids around, is when you’re feeling “hangry” too. I try to always pack snacks and water when we leave the house, but it helps to have back-up in the car.

Repurposing my Diaper Bag

My diaper bag days have been over for awhile now, but I’ve since put my bag to good use. With plenty of pockets, it’s the perfect place for most of my mom-mobile must-haves.

What must-have items do you keep in your mom-mobile?

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Jana is a stay-at-home mom, currently living in Greenwich with her husband, Iain, and daughters, Laila and Nora. Jana is originally from Westchester County, NY, met Iain at college, married in June 2011, welcomed Laila in December 2012, and welcomed Nora in August 2015. On any given day, you can find us playing, reading, or out and about running too many errands and taking advantage of some of the many perks that Greenwich and Fairfield County have to offer.


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