The Summer Me

An evening at Calf Pasture Beach with a much younger L.

 There is nothing like the first day of summer vacation. The alarm is turned off, pajamas are worn well into the morning, and life is beautiful. For me, I welcome  the better version of myself – The Summer Me. In the summer, I am truly a better person – a better mommy, a better wife,  a better friend. Can you tell how much I love me some summer? It is one of the biggest perks of being a teacher; during the summer, I get to be a stay-at-home mama!

L loved The Little Mermaid!

Summers in Fairfield County are chock full of things to do. So much that we often don’t realize the offerings until after they happen. In this post, I hope to share some of our favorites: both old and new!

We began our summer break by going to see The Little Mermaid Jr. performed by the Summer Theater of New Canaan at Waveny Park. If you haven’t taken your child to any of their children’s productions – go order tickets now! Their line up for the summer includes: The Little Mermaid Jr., The Cat in the Hat, and Pinkalicious. Very entertaining for both young and old, but probably best for ages 2 and up. (I left baby boy home with dad!) The stage is outside under a tent so it’s actually not that hot and the children can bring lunch and/or snacks while they watch the show. Some of the characters even came out to greet us after the show was over.

This summer is a little bit different than past ones for us because of two major reasons. It’s our first summer in our new house, and we have a fully mobile one-year-old boy to add to the fun. Since I have joined the caravan of commuters that sit (and sit) on the Merritt Parkway every morning, I refuse to trek to our old stomping grounds in Norwalk on a daily basis during the summer. The summer me does not do traffic. Being the ever resourceful mommy that I am, I have already found some nearby replacements to our old familiar activities and some new ones, too.

Favorite activity #1: Calf Pasture Beach. This was an easy one to swap out. Monroe has the very amazing Wolfe Park and Great Hollow Lake. We joined the pool for a modest fee, and my daughter doesn’t have to deal with seaweed. We are looking forward to our first character night dinner at the lake!

Favorite activity#2: The Westport Library. We love this library and their many programs for toddlers & preschoolers. I especially love that their programs are open to all and not just Westport residents. This replacement took some time to figure out. The Edith Wheeler Library in Monroe is an awesome library, and my almost five-year-old daughter is the right age for their summer reading program. She already has enjoyed some pretty cool events during the past week like a mime show and an exploration with different musical instruments. Unfortunately they don’t run their toddler programs during the summer. After a little internet searching, I found Baby/Toddler Be-Bop with Miss Lynn weekly at the Easton Library which is perfect for my son! We attended our first session this past Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. and it was adorable. Rumor has it, Newtown library has added a music group for little ones on Thursday mornings. We will be checking that one out, too.

IMG_6290 (2)
Love my carefree days with L and B.

Gone are the days of slings and Baby Bjorns – baby boy is fast! I need to find activities that are appropriate for both five year olds and toddlers beyond the park, pool, and playground.  Fortunately, there are a ton of 1/2 day camps that you can do by the week and even the day. I have signed up my daughter for some in July which allows her to have some fun with kiddos her age and me some special time with my little guy. The Beardsley Zoo, Discovery Museum, and Weir Farm are great for mixed ages and on our to-do list. I am also planning some day outings outside of Fairfield County for the three of us to the following places: Lake CompounceThe Dinosaur Place, and Kidcity Museum.

Now that my daughter is older, she likes to add her own two-cents about what we should do each day. We created our own little bucket list of things both small and large that we would like to attend to this summer. Some highlights include: a tea party, making brownies, a fashion show,  Discovery Zone at Webb Mountain, a spray bottle water fight, and bowling (check out Kids Bowl Free online!).  What are some things that you and your little ones enjoy around Fairfield County during the lazy days of summer?

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Shannon has lived in Fairfield County, CT for most of her life and currently lives in Monroe. She has a daughter L (September, 2008) and a son B (May, 2012). Shannon balances being a wife and mom with working 186 days out of the year as a special education teacher. Thank goodness for vacations, summer break, and snow days! You can be sure that she fills those days with as many amazing activities and outings that she can think of to make up for the time that she is at work. In a distant life, way before babies, Shannon was an aspiring actress and musician. You can sometimes still find her leading sing-a-longs with her guitar at the kids’ playgroups or at her daughter’s school.



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