The Krush Wellness Tour


The Krush Wellness Tour is coming to the Westport Organic Krush store at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, March 29. Parents, teenagers, family, and friends, join us for a night of education and food! The event, “Easy, Inspiring Recipes for Ages 15+,” will be led by the Organic Krush Founders and Organic Krush Culinary Director Chris Brandt.

They will be demoing recipes, tips and kitchen skills, and discuss inspiring, healthy recipes for teens. Michelle and Fran always say, “As moms, educating our kids on eating nutritious meals and building healthy habits is important.”

This event aims to educate and inspire you and your family to feel your very best!The two women of Krush cooking in a kitchen.

We don’t know about you, but watching cooking videos is a favorite pastime. Still, cooking skills and recipe tutorials are even better when you physically interact with them in person. Learn how to make tasty stir fry, quesadillas, and healthy açaí, and taste some delicious samples.

Chef Chris has over 30 years of professional experience in the kitchen, and he is excited to impart his knowledge to you. Comfort and independence in the kitchen are incredibly important, especially for teenagers. We know it’s hard to think about, but after teens come twenties, teaching your teens those kitchen skills and basic recipe information will give them the jumpstart they need to be successful on their own when the time comes.

Krush Founders Michelle Walrath and Fran Paniccia are mothers of four who have always been committed to feeding their children and themselves only the best quality food. They have seen and felt how positively this commitment has affected their children as they have grown into young adulthood. Healthy habits and a positive relationship with nutritious food starts in the home. Michelle and Fran are honored to share their knowledge and experience from their healthy home with all of you. 

Since day one, everything they have done at Organic Krush has been backed by education and experience. They read and listen to doctors and specialists, attend seminars and events hosted by thought leaders in the wellness industry, and have deep, meaningful conversations with people who have had successful health journeys and experiences. Starting this month, they are including you in those conversations and experiences. See you on March 29, in Westport for the Wellness Tour!Wellness Tour details

On-trend with their core mission to change the way people eat for the better, they recently launched a digital storefront and luxury product line developed for the home. was created to accommodate the shift in consumers eating habits, driving the team to create an entirely new product category of luxurious, nutritious, straight from the source dishes available through a digital platform and available for delivery in NYC, Westchester, NJ, and Fairfield County regions.

Choose between dietician balanced meal plans or fill your cart with a combination of over 80 calorically balanced and nutritionally perfected meals, including those specifically created for kids! The backbone of KrushLifestyles is based on rotational eating. This philosophy showcases eating various foods, effectively rotating your nutritional sources throughout the day, and eating a full range of colors to maximize nutritional efficiency and satiety. Visit

Visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more information.


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