Ted E. Bear Clinic {event recap}


This time of year is so festive and beautiful, but along with all the pumpkins, festivals, and fall foliage comes a lot of sick parents and kids. FCMB sponsor, AFC Urgent Care in Fairfield is a great place to go for convenient care. They offer a one-stop medical resource for children, adults, college students and local businesses. AFC Urgent Care is known for advanced patient care provided by expert board certified physicians and staff, particularly in the areas of urgent care and occupational medicine.

In order for families and children to become familiar with the facility and see that visiting the doctor doesn’t have to be so scary, we held two Ted E. Bear Clinics this October. Children of all ages brought their Teddy Bears and other special stuffed animals to visit AFC Urgent Care’s Teddy Bear clinicians who were on hand to treat bumps, lumps and bruises.teddy bear clinic

As children arrived they were able to register their stuffed animals. They needed to identify what was wrong with their “patient.” Next they were called in by a nurse and were encouraged to interact in a Vitals Station. They got to check their animals blood pressure, temperature and other important vitals. Everyone was super excited to be just like Doc McStuffins!vitals

Then they were on to the Boo Boo Station where illnesses and injuries were treated. The kid-friendly doctors did everything from bandaging up broken doggy legs, taking an x-ray of Mickey Mouse’s tummy, and removing a piece of broccoli from a bear’s ear. Imaginations ran wild as the children helped use the various tools and instruments to take care of their stuffed friends.boo boo

Children then made a stop at the hand hygiene station where they learned the importance of washing hands with a catchy tune. They also learned how to cough like a superhero and cover their mouths with their arms. Two very important ways to avoid spreading all those nasty germs.teddy bear clinic

Everyone received special giveaways at each station! And like all successful play dates the fun ended with teddy grahams and juice for snack. Sitters from Wondersitter were also there to assist and help children choose a prize out of the giant treasure chest! Wondersitter is Fairfield County’s premier on call child care service. With over 20 years of experience, they know what it means to provide exceptional care. Today, thousands of families trust them to provide Wonderful Sitters and Wonderful Service – a responsibility they take very seriously. 
AFC Fairfield Services

As always it’s so much fun to connect with our readers offline! Please join us for our Fairfield County Library Hop over the next few weeks as we meet up at several local libraries for a special story time event followed by open play. We look forward to playing with you!


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