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summer camp

How to Create Your Own Summer Camp

My friends and I created our own camp last summer. We wanted to make the summer fun for our kids and keep them busy...

Mom-Approved Playgrounds Across Fairfield County

Warmer, sunnier days mean more time outside! Whether you have a little one who is learning how to walk and climb or a big...

Sensory Play to Promote Development

Sensory play is a wonderful strategy to engage your little one. From vision to movement, to touch and taste, we are constantly receiving sensory...

Surviving Winter

I don’t know about you, but every winter, I find myself (and my kids) getting antsy by the end of January, wishing that spring...

2021 Summer Camp Guide

It might still be considered winter, but it’s that time of year when moms need to start thinking about summer plans. Wait, what!? Yup,...
indoor camping

Indoor Camping: Family Fun Night

The typical winter weekend night at my house is hardly a party. We are usually snuggled up on the sofa, staring at some screen,...

Family Favorite Outdoor Toys

As warmer weather finally arrives, and social distancing has us all spending more time at home in our own backyards, I thought I’d share...
scavenger hunt

Hunting for Joy (Easy Scavenger Hunts for All)

During this time of being homebound, my family and I have re-discovered our love for scavenger hunts. It has become a new way for...

The Post-Holiday Purge

There is a lawless, anarchic time that immediately follows the holidays. After a year of abiding by the rules of order, there is a...

A Mom’s Guide to Fairfield County :: August 2019

August means that it is the last month to take advantage of lazy summer days! Can you believe that it's almost time to get ready...