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Don’t Forget the Vegetables

Dinnertime is definitely one of the busiest hours in our home. I used to ask my oldest daughter what she wanted for dinner. However,...

Aunt Flo Goes Green

Once upon a time, I lived in a world with sewers, where tampon waste was flushed away in the toilet. I now live in...

Organizing My Life…One Closet at a Time

I’ve caught the bug...the organization bug. I’ve always loved organization, order, rules, lists, and all that jazz. But since having kids, I have to admit...

What To Do With All Those Kids’ Clothes

I have four children, one only was with us until he was three, but that doesn't mean he and my three girls don't have...
baby wipes

Baby Wipes :: More Than Just Wiping Butts

If there was one baby product I could not live without, it would have to be baby wipes. I’m always sure to have the...

KydRides: Know Your Driver

KydRides – created by a Fairfield County parent for other parents. We know you love to spend as much time with your kids as you...

Kitchen Hacks You Need To Try

Who doesn’t need quick and clever kitchen hacks? Am I the only one feeling like they’re spending ALL their time cooking and cleaning these...

The Best Cocktails in a Can

Craving a cocktail but not ready to head to a restaurant? With our family's restaurant trips more limited as of late, I've been expanding my...
working from home

Making Work From Home Work for You

People have been working from home in record numbers this year due to COVID. I've been working remotely for a few years now, but...

I’m Ready to Ditch the Diaper Bag

Picture this - it is 2018. I'm meeting a group of friends at the aquarium with my three-year-old and eighteen-month-old twins. I have a...