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InstaSwimWater safety should be the foundation of all water sports.

Whether swimming recreationally or competitively, there are rules of the water to follow to ensure a fun experience is had when engaging in aquatic activity. When children are first learning to swim, this should be the foundation of what they are taught during swim lessons. 

For instance – when I teach private swim lessons, the first thing I do is explain to the parents of my swim students what I am teaching and why I am teaching it to their kids. For beginner level students, it is important they learn the foundation of swimming prior to beginning the advanced steps of swimming. 

For me, that involves showing children how to hold their breath underwater, how to find their front and back floats, and how to utilize the ledges of the pool and ladders to exit the pool safely. I spend an entire lesson on these principles, and constantly reinforce these points in the lessons that follow after that.

A strong foundation of water safety is the key to successfully developing a swim student’s strokes. Parents should consider this when researching the options for their children to learn how to swim. 

Private swim instruction allows for these principles to be customized and reinforced with your children in the comfort of your own home. 

Our instructors at InstaSwim work to tailor-make their lessons specific to your children to stress the importance of water safety, while also encouraging a healthy respect for the water.

Quite often, swim schools will not cater to individual needs and may use fear as a motivator for teaching children water safety. Our company does not endorse this philosophy and is focused on positive reinforcement to create happy memories for your children. 

Further, our company is results-focused to not only stress proper technique but also works with children who are used to using floatation assistance devices such as puddle jumpers and swim jackets. We do not believe in immediate removal of using these devices from the student’s swim experience and instead encourage a gradual removal of the device as we show your student how capable they are of swimming without their swim assistance device.

We work hard to understand your child’s needs and what motivates them to succeed as they work through their swim lessons. 

Understanding the mental aspects of what motivates our students is the most important aspect of ensuring their swim success. The great Yogi Berra once said, “Baseball is 90% mental, and 10% physical.” 

The same can be said through swimming as we teach your children to push through their limitations and break through their ceilings – encouraging them to do more than they even thought possible! 

Check out our website, and you won’t be disappointed to choose us as your partner in motivating your child’s swim success! Until next time – Swim Safe! 


InstaSwim Instructor/Manager


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