How To Survive Baby’s First Beach Day


Getting ready for baby’s first beach day? Here’s what to remember. And, for the love of seashells, don’t forget the booze.

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My best friend belongs to a beach club in Rowayton and invited us to join her family for the afternoon over Memorial Day Weekend. It was a beautiful, sunny day and we covered lots of ground—from the grassy picnic area, to the beach, to the kiddy pool. It was my son’s first time at both the beach and the pool, and after packing our SUVs with what felt like everything we owned, hauling it around and wrestling the kids into car seats for late naps when it was all over, she and I vowed that this was a dry run and we’d be more organized next time. Overall, it was a great day and after a warm, sudsy bath and a satisfying dinner, he slept the kind of hard you only can when you’re little, after a full day of splashing, sunshine and fresh air.

This is what I wish I’d thought of beforehand to make the day even better:

1. Gear Transportation: My husband and I loaded up the jogger stroller with chairs, blankets, bags and baby and pushed like cross-fitters moving a 50 lb. sled across the sand. This hybrid wagon dune buggy would have really come in handy.


2. Throwing Shade: We slathered the babies in SPF, pulled hats on their heads and came equipped with swimmable rash guards (my friend’s daughter was even decked out in a head-to-toe full-body wetsuit), but I’d neglected to bring anything (other than the jogger) to provide additional shade on the beach. Next time, this tent or play yard will definitely be in my trunk.

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3. Cool Treats: Thankfully I remembered a sippy cup full of water and teether on ice to keep my son hydrated and placated in the heat, but I wish I’d thought to whip up some baby puree pops to stick in the cooler for him to munch on surfside.


4. Clean-Up Time: After baby boy rolled around in the sand for a few hours he was covered in the stuff. If I’d know that baby powder is a great way to remove it from tiny feet and pudgy legs, I would have tossed a much larger bottle in the diaper bag.


5. Mommy Beverages: Champagne in a can exists. What was I even thinking?!



What other tips and tricks make a beach day a success? Share in the comments!


  1. Great tips! Success at the beach is totally about being prepared and even then it can be trying! The first time I went to the beach with my twins when they were babies I put sunscreen all over and on their hands and then they wiped their eyes and started screaming. Did you know that Spiked Seltzer also comes in cans for the beach?

  2. Bring eyewash in case sand accidentally gets in their eyes. My mom always carried it, and I do now. It comes in handy!


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