Super Bowl Cheat Sheet for Moms


Super Bowl Cheat Sheet for Moms!

The Super Bowl. The most watched one-day sporting event in the world. The game where heroes are born, and hearts are broken. The game where the winners, without fail, always end up “going to Disney World!”

This year the Super Bowl, which is being played in Santa Clara, California, has an air of nostalgia to it. Why, you ask?

This is Super Bowl 50.

There have been 48 championship games since the Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl I in January of 1967, making this game not only the championship for the 2015 season, but also a time to celebrate the history of professional football in our country.

Because mom life seems to be a flash of swimming lessons, homework help, and doctors appointments, I totally understand if there is little time left in your busy day to keep up with the NFL. But just in case you are off to a Super Bowl party, or are planning to watch the big game with friends/family, I have put together a brief cheat sheet for this years Super Bowl match-up, featuring the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.

Fellow contributor Julie and her boys are pumped to see the Broncos in the Super Bowl!
Contributor Julie and her boys are pumped to see the Broncos in the Super Bowl!

Denver Broncos: The Broncos will be making their 8th Super Bowl appearance. Given the health of quarterback Peyton Manning (who has had four neck surgeries in recent years) and the fact that he only threw one touchdown while playing at their home stadium this entire season, some fans are certainly surprised that they have made it to this point. But regardless of the age of their Hall of Fame quarterback, he still understands how to win games. Plus, the Broncos defense should never be underestimated. They were the top ranked defense in the NFL in 2015, allowing only one touchdown for every 8.4 drives.

Carolina Panthers: To say the Panthers had a fantastic season would be an understatement. Led by a freakishly-athletic quarterback, Cam Newton, they dominated opponents all year, and for a good part of the season, it appeared that they even may go undefeated. They entered the playoffs with an impressive 15-1 record and their performance in both playoff games sent a clear message that their No. 1 seed ranking was exactly where they should have been.

The match-up: The stage has been set for an exciting Super Bowl match-up. Who will come out on top? The veteran quarterback, who even though he will be playing as the oldest quarterback to ever take the field at a Super Bowl, will still have his dynamite defense to back him up? Or the enthusiastic, MVP-worthy younger quarterback, who led his team to a near-perfect season, and is surrounded by talent on both sides of the football? At the moment, Las Vegas favors the Panthers, but the true outcome will only be revealed when both teams take the field on the evening of February 7th.

Five interesting facts about this years game – so you can REALLY impress everyone!

Broncos head coach, Gary Kubiak, was the backup quarterback for the Denver Broncos for nine seasons. He played his entire NFL career behind Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway, who is now the Broncos General Manager.  He also is the first person in NFL history to make the Super Bowl as a player and a head coach for the same team.

This years Super Bowl will feature the #1 (Cam Newton) and #2 (Von Miller) overall picks of the 2011 draft. This will be the first time that a #1 and #2 pick in the same draft year compete against one another in a Super Bowl.

Quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Cam Newton have only played each other once before. The Broncos won the game 36-14, and Newton was sacked 7 times.

This will be Peyton Manning’s 4th Super Bowl appearance. He has played under a different coach in each game.

There are 13 active NFL teams that have never won a Super Bowl, and the Panthers are one of them. They made a trip to the Super Bowl in 2003, but lost to the Patriots.

Bonus fun for the kids!

Fellow contributor Julie made this fantastic Super Bowl Bingo game for the kids to play while they watch along with you. Just click on the link, print as many copies as you’d like, and let the fun begin. Thanks, Julie!

Whether you are watching the Super Bowl for the love of the game, or simply for the commercials, be sure to enjoy the evening!

It's okay, Parker. The Patriots will be back next season!
Don’t worry, Parker. The Patriots will be back next season!
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