Summer Running


summer running

As temperatures rise, running doesn’t need to be a total sufferfest. Summer running can be a wonderful part of your fitness routine. As a follow-up to my tips and tricks to making running in the cooler months more enjoyable, I thought I would I share ways to embrace running in the warmer temps.

Run When the Conditions are Coolest

Take advantage of long summer days to run when the mercury is lowest, ideally in the early morning or evening. Getting it done in the a.m. can boost your mood for the day, too! I love to run in the morning and you can also enjoy an awesome sunrise. I can get in many of my early morning runs before my girls are even awake!


Hydrating properly before, during, and after your run is essential. Warmer temps mean upping your fluid intake. Before your run, try to drink at least eight ounces of water or sports drink every hour so your perspiration systems are in tip-top shape.

Hydration Station

There are many ways to stay hydrated while you run. Some of my running friends swear by their running belts or hydration backpacks. When I was training for the SONO half marathon I often used the “fountain to fountain” method. I would start in Riverside, run to Binney park which has a water fountain, continue to Tod’s Point which has a water fountain and bathrooms, and run back. Another option is stashing water bottles along your route. Another popular method is to use your partner, friends, or parents as “sherpas” and have them bring you water on long runs.

Run near the water

Speaking of water…there are two advantages to run near the water. First the temperatures near lakes, rivers and the ocean are slightly cooler. And if you are like me the gorgeous views of running near the water are a huge bonus. Some of my fav Fairfield county running routes are Tod’s Point, Pear Tree point in Darien, and Rowayton.

Outfit of Choice

In the summer months I opt for light-colored, loose-fitting clothes. My summer running uniform consists of a good moisture wicking sports bra, a racerback tank and these fitted shorts

Screen it Out

As I mentioned I run early in the morning when the rays are less strong and I often wear a hat or visor. However, year-round I sport an awesome sports bra tan line. That being said, wearing sunscreen if you are headed out for a mid-day run is a great idea. If you find a sunscreen that does sting your eyeballs please help a sister out and share the dets! I have tried them ALL. Lastly, I literally run YEAR round with sunglasses.

summer running
Stroller run + Stylish Sunnies

Shady Trails

Speaking of blocking the sun, another method for staying cool and getting less harmful rays is hitting the trails. Fairfield County offers a plethora of wonderful running trails. Some of my favs are Mianus, Wavney, Cranbury Park, and Devil’s Den.


As much as I enjoy a solo run there are some amazing summer races in our area that the whole family can enjoy. I am a huge fan of the Lightfoot Summer Series and the Wavney Summer Series. These low key local races are a great way to meet other runners and hold yourself accountable. 

Stroller Runs

Sometimes you need to bring the minions along with you on a run. The girls and I love a good summer run. I like to use the shade on my jogging stroller and the girls often sport a pair of fashionable and functional sunglasses. A post dinner family jog with or without the stroller is a great way for the whole family to enjoy some quality summer outdoor time.

summer running
who RUNS the world…GIRLS!

Do you like to run in the summer? What are your tips?

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