Summer Fun as a Working Mom


A mom working while her kids eat breakfast during the summer.School’s out for the summer! Or, at least for many, this is the shared excitement throughout the country during the warmer months. But for working moms, it is hard.

As a working mom, adapting to summertime’s social expectations can be challenging.

Many parents have summers off due to their profession or choose to take time off throughout summer. As a psychotherapist, I tend to take vacations throughout the year and a few through summer to enjoy family time. However, I recognize the value in consistency for my clients and often remain present and available during the days of the week that I work.

I’ve compiled a list of tips for the working mom on how to enjoy the summer while still kicking butt at your career.

1. Speak to your superiors about working a reduced schedule.

Maybe you’re off every Monday or Friday, maybe every other! Be creative and find ways to maximize your benefits and time off. You earned it!

2. Plan day trips!

Day trips can be just as fun and exciting as a week-long vaca. Especially if you have little ones with little expectation. We have done Sesame Place, Mystic Seaport, and The Maritime Aquarium and enjoyed evenings at the many beaches in the area.

3. Connect with friends and family.

Booking a spur-of-the-moment trip can be both more exciting and affordable when including others. Finding a new place in another state within driving distance is a good place to start. Many times, you can stay just outside a “touristy” location to save while maximizing opportunity by being in a central location to many of the town/city’s offerings.

4. Pack the weekends with at-home fun!

Stay home if heading into the community over the weekend feels overwhelming due to crowds! Creating a safe, fun summer space at home is just the solution. We have a splash pad, small pool, sandbox, playhouse, and several other ride-on and climbing toys. Grab a pop-up tent from Home Depot and a bubble machine, and enjoy! Hours of at-home fun! Don’t forget the sunscreen and a recliner for mom.

At-home movie nights are also a fun way to spend time together. Set up a projector outside, grab some favorite snacks, and snuggle up under the stars!

5. Finally, it’s about presence.

The travel, the activities and the swimming is great. But, at the end of it, all your kiddos are going to remember the time they were able to spend with you. Whether it’s every day during the summer or once a week. Your time is one of the best expressions of love. So, cuddle those kiddos and offer your presence whenever you can.

Happy summer, everyone!

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Gina is a licensed clinical social worker and photographer in Fairfield County. Gina is also a single mother by choice (SMBC) and aims to provide support to women who are just beginning their journey to motherhood, however it may look. Gina lives in Fairfield County with her daughter, and cat Fluffy (aka, sister cat). In her "free" time, Gina enjoys reading, catching up with friends and spending time out in nature.


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