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Recently, I returned home from a shopping trip where I picked up a few basic pieces of clothing. I had picked out things that would 1. Go with the majority of the clothes already hanging in my closet and 2. Withstand the test of 2 toddlers. I proudly pulled them from the bags and hung them up. Cut to my husband’s innocent remark, “Oh. Another cardigan.” Ouch. I realized that I needed a way to shake things up and really make my wardrobe work for me. I’ve always enjoyed shopping, but am weary of purchasing trendy pieces since I’m not confident I can incorporate them into my wardrobe and pull them off. I am often uncertain as to whether or not something “works” as an outfit. I’m no fashionista, but I do care about my appearance and know that what you wear definitely “speaks” to the world. I like to control what the world “hears” but am not 100% confident in my fashion abilities all of the time. So, when I had the chance to work with Mollie Milano from Style Spies, I was ecstatic to see how she could help me and my poor closet.
IMG_95721-683x1024What you need to know about Mollie is that she’s all about helping other women to feel GREAT when getting dressed for ANY occasion. Mollie is, and always has been, fashion-obsessed (OMG – check out her fab Instagram!). From a very young age, she has been reading fashion magazines as her “bible,” and transferred that love of clothing and playing dress-up into a very real job. Formerly a buyer for Shopbop.com, a contemporary women’s website that spans across many categories (clothing, shoes, accessories), this mom of two decided to quit her “real world” job after her youngest child’s arrival and begin Style Spies; helping women put style, function, and creativity together. She even recently joined Peach, a company dedicated to helping women feel good about what goes underneath their clothes.

What can Mollie do for you? She does closet consultations where she will go item by item and help you determine what should stay and what should go. She also will help determine what key pieces you may be missing and can provide amazing suggestions as to where to find these pieces. She does personal styling for events or just everyday outfit styling and personal shopping. She will either shop for you or you can shop together with Mollie as she shows you the stores and brands that would work well for you and your budget/body type, as well as teach about fabrics and putting certain things together.

How many times, have you walked to your closet feeling like you have “nothing to wear” yet you’re staring at a closet full of clothes? Yeah, that happened to me way more often than I’d like to admit. Mollie will help you clean up, pare down, shop for, and create outfits for all occasions that you can keep going back to. These are the outfits that boost your confidence when you walk out the door.

It seems like it would be a little intimidating to essentially have a stranger come into your home, specifically your bedroom no less, and peer into the depths of your closet. Honestly, Mollie was so easy to get along with and I felt like we’d already known each other forever! To start, we did a closet edit. We did pull out some things that had not seen daylight in quite a long time and others that were just worn out and needed to be replaced. Mollie was also very patient with me, answering my questions, and didn’t give up on me when I hesitated to part with a particular item.

Next, Mollie did her thing! She pulled and paired clothes, shoes, and accessories that I own together to create seven different outfits. And let me just say, I was amazed at what Mollie was able to do with my wardrobe. I kept saying “I would NEVER have thought to put that together.” She made some very realistic suggestions and even created a private Pinterest board for me.

Check out these outfits, matched from clothing, accessories, and shoes that I already owned!



I literally could not contain my excitement about my new looks! I was so excited to wear one of my new looks to work the next day that I took a selfie in the mirror (which I’ve never done before!) and texted Mollie first thing! Mollie also left me with some great ideas via my Pinterest board and some of her checklists, and I’m feeling super confident in my ability to style my own wardrobe.

Want Mollie to style your closet? Shop with you? Put some outfits together for you? Of course you do! She’s offering FC Moms Blog readers the opportunity to save $50 on a 2 hour closet consultation. To reach Mollie, email her at [email protected]

This post was sponsored by Style Spies, but the opinions are my own. Please support our sponsors.
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