Stop Talking About 18 Summers


Now that summer break is in full swing, I keep seeing blog posts and memes about how we only have 18 summers with our kids before they leave us. I beg you, please stop reminding everyone of this. I don’t need to be reminded that time doesn’t slow down and every moment is precious. Facebook Memories already give me quite a healthy dose of reality every morning. As a working mom, I don’t need to be reminded that while I’m sitting in my office, my children are gleefully playing in the water at summer camp and I am missing out on delicious giggles and smiles. I am acutely aware that I blinked and my oldest daughter went from a screaming newborn to a sassy 5-year old.

Yes, we may only have 18 summers with our kids. But the reality is that we could also have less. There are some parents that maybe only got a few summers with their kids, or maybe they didn’t have any. Let’s try to be a little more sensitive. We all know time is precious without the constant reminder that it is slipping away as we’re standing still.

Yes, we may only have 18 summers with our kids. But we also have four seasons every year, that are each special in their own way. We have 365 days {sometimes 366 days} every year to live our life. We only have 18 years with them until they spread their wings and forge this life on their own. Yes, summer is a glorious time in Connecticut that is full of sun and carefree living. I get it. But in order for my kids to have a carefree life, I have to work year round. I don’t have the luxury of soaking up an entire summer with them every year, as much as I wish I could. I have to savor those nights and weekends that I do get to spend with my children.

Moms also don’t need to be reminded that they need to be enjoying every single moment with their kids. I am sad to be missing carefree summer moments, however, I am also aware that it is no easy feat to be a mom who is spending 24/7 with their kids this summer. It can be emotionally and physically draining to be a full-time entertainer, snack and meal provider, chauffeur, and referee in the dead heat of summer, slathering on sunscreen all day long. Do we need to make that mom feel guilty about having a bad day and not enjoying every single moment? Let’s not perpetuate the lie that summer is a completely carefree time. Moms need to know that it’s okay to not enjoy a day (or week!) of summer.

Could we all try to stop worrying about how little time is left, and rather, just enjoy what time is given to us? If your eyes are always on the horizon, then you can never really slow down and live in the moment. This summer, please don’t see these posts and calculate the math of how many summers you have left with your little ones or feel guilty about getting frustrated with your kids that day. Just enjoy the moments and be kind to yourself.

How do you slow down and fully enjoy moments?


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