How to Stay Connected in a Disconnected World


stay connected2021 is here; a new year. “Yeah!?!?“

I’m not sure whether to wallow in the same self-pity and uncertainty of 2020 or embrace the hope that hangs in the air. Never have we faced a new year like this, one in which we really don’t know what to expect!

2020 has taught me to set my expectations low. Although vaccines are rolling out, it will most likely be a while before our lives resemble a pre-pandemic normal.

Thus, my new year’s preparation is less about making grand plans, booking trips, planning holidays, and the like. Instead, I’m reflecting on the past year…sifting through the bad and gathering what helped me through…because it looks like we’re going to remain in this strange state for a little while longer.

As a Libra, I need everything balanced. I’m a homebody who loves quiet time with my family. I do, however, need a handful of social interactions to keep me feeling connected. Socialization is hard to come by in a pandemic! I’m no longer working in an office and chatting with coworkers daily. My only coworkers are now 5-year-old twins! I’ve had to pivot and find new ways to keep social during this isolating time.

Accept Every Invitation

I know this seems obvious, but say yes to every invitation, even if your immediate reaction is no! Of course, COVID safety is important, but there are still ways to have safe fun! (Think outdoor wine tasting with friends or playground hangouts with another family).

Take Advantage of Good Weather

The temperature is supposed to hit 50 next week? Great! Invite your neighbors over for smores in the backyard! COVID has forced me to go with the flow and be more spontaneous. You never know when you’ll get another nice day for an outdoor hang!

Check-in with Each Other

Don’t discount the power of a simple text. Hearing from a friend who I haven’t spoken to in a while boosts my mood! We may not be able to catch up in person, but that doesn’t mean we can’t commiserate via text.

Make It All Count!

There are many ways I try and fill my socialization “bucket” throughout quarantine. Below are examples of ways to safely connect! I’m currently counting the days until spring so that we can add a few more!

• Family Zoom calls
• Playground play dates
• Waving to mom friends in the school pickup line
• Commenting on a friend’s social media post
• Birthday parades
• Text a friend
• Zoom exercise class
• Children’s outdoor sports
• Backyard hangs

How do you stay connected during this strange time?


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