From Stamford to Sherman (and Everywhere in Between): An Autumn Weekend in the Volvo XC90

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I have a secret…and it’s that I’ve always wanted a Volvo.

I drive a lot, so it’s really important for me to love the car I drive. As a Birth to Three therapist, my car is my office. And as a mom of three young children, my car must be as safe as it can be, as well as fit all of their stuff.

On an absolutely beautiful autumn day in late September, I drove down to Riley Volvo Cars Stamford after work to pick up the Volvo XC90 to drive for the weekend.

As I’ve watched other contributors drive this car over the past several months, I definitely had a difficult time waiting for my turn. When I arrived at Riley Volvo Cars Stamford, the staff was so courteous and helpful. They took me through all the features of the Volvo XC90 and sent me on my way. I decided to pair my time with the Volvo with my trip up to Sherman to check out the local spots for the upcoming Exploring Fairfield County series on this beautiful classic New England town.

I was immediately impressed by the large, clear screen that controls all the features of this car. The screen makes this car stand out from anything else I’ve ever driven.

Synching my phone to the car was a breeze; setting the navigation was straightforward; setting the satellite radio to my favorite country station took no time at all.

The safety features in this car are something I’ve been missing out on. I especially loved the blind spot sensors and large clear backup camera. I usually back into spaces, and this backup camera made that process so much easier.

As I was driving up to Sherman on windy back roads reminiscent of the terrain I used to drive on in my home state of New Hampshire, I was thankful for the lane assist safety feature. When I veered closer to the center or shoulder lines, the car gently guided me back to the center.

The turning radius is also small, which is such a plus for me! Even with navigation, I tend to miss turns and have to backtrack. Being unfamiliar with this area of Connecticut boded well for me because it meant that I had more opportunities to drive!

When I arrived home after my adventures exploring Sherman, my three children couldn’t wait to come out and explore the car for themselves. I’m pretty sure all of my neighbors could hear their squeals of excitement.

It was an unusually busy weekend for us, packed with swim lessons, visits with grandparents, and a trip to the apple orchard. Since we have young children (and three car seats!), having a car with a third row is a must. The issue we always seem to come across with needing a third row engaged to fit a seat is that we usually forfeit cargo space.

Even with the third row up, I loved that we still had plenty of room for swim bags, large pumpkins, bags of apples, and everything we needed to travel around Fairfield County for the weekend.

All of this space makes the Volvo XC90 the perfect family car!

My twins in the second row had plenty of legroom (even behind my husband, who is 6’3”!). My 8-year-old’s favorite part was the “hallway” between the second row’s captain’s chairs (whatever floats your boat, kid!).

Besides all of the fantastic safety features, I have to talk about how gorgeous this car is. I’ve always wanted a white car. The body style of this car is just so aesthetically pleasing!

Driving, in general, isn’t my favorite thing in the world, but I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed driving the Volvo XC90.

Safety, practicality, and beauty: three things I want in a car, and the Volvo XC90 totally fits the bill. From Stamford to Sherman and everywhere in between, this car is definitely on the shortlist when we are looking for our next vehicle!

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Charity is originally from CT, but grew up in New Hampshire. She returned to CT in 2000 for college, and currently resides in Monroe with her husband (married in 2011) and three children (A son born in 2012 and identical twin daughters born in 2017). Charity works part time as a Speech-Language Pathologist for the CT Birth to Three system. She thinks it's the best of both worlds because she gets to work in a job she loves (and needs to pay off those hefty grad school loans!) and be home a few days a week with her children. Charity enjoys theatre, and brings her son often. She's also a big fan of coffee, reality TV, and essential oils. You can follow her personal blog at:


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