The Great Sports Debate


sports debateWhen we first had children, I had no idea how many decisions we’d be making. It’s constant!

Now that my twins are in first grade and their interests are growing, we are always asking the question, “What sports should they play?”

At age six, they are still floating aimlessly without a sport they’re truly passionate about. That’s not to say, however, that they don’t want to play sports. In fact, they want to try them all; every sport their friends are playing, every sport that looks like fun, all of them!

We are lucky to live in a town whose grade school sports offerings read like a telephone book (remember those?) The choices are endless! But if we said yes to everything, we’d be overscheduled, overbooked, and shuttling them around 24/7.

I am guilty of wanting them out there trying it all and wanting to keep up with the Joneses to socialize on the sidelines on a crisp fall day. I also want them to find what they love and have a talent for. I have to remind myself, however, that I wasn’t playing sports at six years old. In fact, the great Michael Jordan didn’t excel at basketball until he was in high school! They have plenty of time!

In order to ground ourselves, we’ve developed a household rule of two….two sports per season and no more. One sport that we know they love, and one new activity that they want to explore. My daughter is more athletic and easily picks two, while my son often only wants one (and that’s fine too!).

I look longingly at parents of older children with kids who’ve found their passion and give it their all. For me it was dance. For my husband it was baseball. That kind of certainty and direction is enviable, and I know we will get there someday. But for now, we will be driving around town, testing the waters until we’ve found the best fit!


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