My Spontaneous Summer


spontaneousSpontaneity has never come easy to me. In fact, during a typical year, most weeks, days, heck, even minutes, are planned out in advance!

Well, coronavirus laughed at my plans and forced me, for the first time, maybe ever, to embrace spontaneity!

This summer, I’m on furlough from work with no need to rush into the office. My kids have no summer camp. My husband, a teacher, turned down his summer job for health and safety reasons. All four of us are home with nowhere to be and nothing to do.

And you know what, it’s actually been pretty nice!

It’s nice not having to set an alarm in the morning.

It’s nice not having to check emails obsessively.

It’s nice spending more time with my kids, playing games, and reading books.

It’s nice saying yes to the extra cuddle time they crave.

It’s nice to enjoy our backyard!

It’s nice being able to pick up and go to the beach on a moment’s notice (or however long it takes us to pack the car).

It’s nice to spend more time with close family and friends who we’ve chosen for our “social bubble.”

I’ve learned to embrace spontaneity and keep most of our days unplanned. What I first imagined to be a depressing and daunting 90 days, has already produced many cherished memories!

My twins are going into kindergarten in September. When else will all four of us be able to spend this much time together?

So, for now, I’m pushing away any anxiety or fears that creep in my mind regarding the fall. Even after months of quarantine, I’m enjoying the quality time, and our spontaneous schedule is kinda nice!


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