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“A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” — William Shedd.

Moms, we all have great aspirations for ourselves.  Besides being able to change a diaper with one hand, we have talents and skills that may not always take center-stage in our lives.  We keep our ships in the harbor, safe and protected.  But our ships, meaning our talents and passions, are meant to shine.  Our own Holly Hurd of VentureMom encourages us each month to turn our passions or our talents into a new business venture.  This type of life adventure can be scary and intimidating.  Where do you start?  How do you grow a business from the ground up?  Maybe you’ve already started a business based on your passion or talent but don’t know how to sustain it.  Where do you go once you do get started?  You turn to Six7 Marketing for help.

Six7 Marketing is a locally based company specializing in helping businesses digitally build their marketing campaigns from scratch.  Scott Lipow, the founder of Six7 Marketing, is a Fairfield County native, having grown up in Fairfield.  After college, he worked with his friend, Josh Cohen, who started the company Junkluggers.  After being inspired by Cohen’s success in business, Scott set off to work towards an MBA degree.  Once attained, he returned to Fairfield County and worked for a marketing company in Stamford.  About three years ago, he decided he would go out on his own and began Six7 Marketing.

Today, Scott and his team deliver custom, high-end E-commerce websites for their clients.  You won’t find cookie cutter templates with this firm.  Scott takes his time to get to know you and the needs of your business.  Trustworthy and reliable, he and his team invest face-to-face time with their clients trying to best understand the client’s needs, their business model, their goals, and develop a realistic and genuine idea of how Six7 Marketing can help.  They work through integrated marketing, meaning that your business’s entire marketing strategy is integrated through a single agency.  Scott prides himself on creating a “family feel” within his agency.  Just look at the beautiful work Scott has done with Kasson Jewelers located in Southport!  Or check out some of his other work with his clients here!

What can Six7 Marketing do for your business?  Scott’s favorite quote, listed above, perfectly describes Six7 Marketing’s plan – to help you move your business out out there to where customers can find you.  Six7 Marketing can make all kinds of recommendations in the areas of online and offline marketing, how best to strategize your marketing ventures, how to allocate your marketing budget most effectively, and where to focus your energy in terms of advertising or social media.  And they can’t wait to work with you!  Scott can be reached at 203-257-6971 or by email at [email protected]

We are all made for greatness, so let’s get those ships out of the harbor and let them sail us to success!  

So, mamas, where are you going to take your ship once it’s out of the harbor?

This post was sponsored by Six7 Marketing but the opinions are my own.

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