I Must Be Doing Something Right


90% of the time, I feel like I’m failing at being a mother. Being a working mom of three kids, I’m constantly being pulled in different directions. Mommy, come and sit next to me! Mommy, I want a snack! Mommy, I need to go potty! It’s as if some days I can’t make anyone happy. 

To top things off, my husband always says that my kids are 100 times worse when I walk through the door. I like to think it’s because they missed me so much and are overly excited to see me. BUT, in reality, I think I give in a little too easy because I’ve missed them too much, and I’m really the one who is overly excited to get hugs and kisses. The pushing and shoving to see who will sit next to me (sometimes) seems cute. What!? Have I lost my mind!? They are acting like wild animals, which of course, in my mind, means I’ve failed them in some way.

As hard as it is, I do my best each day to try and focus on the positive rather than dwell on the negative. So recently, I’ve noticed more and more of the little moments that prove that I might actually be doing something right.

doing something right
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My children have manners.

We were out to dinner, and the waitress commented how polite my children were because they all said please and thank you without prompting from my husband or me. My big boy was super excited when she brought over extra pickles; he’s learning that true kindness and a big smile always do the trick.

My children share.

Not always with each other as much as I would like, but they have their moments. We were at the grocery store last week, and my big boy dashed to grab the last kiddie cart at Shop Rite. At the same moment, another child reached for the cart. Instead of the bad attitude and tantrum I was expecting, he passed the little girl the cart and walked off all on his own. Wow! Proud mama moment.

My children help one another.

Last night my little guy fell off a stool, and my girl (his twin) came running over with a tissue yelling, “You okay?” while rubbing his leg. Then she yelled at me because I wasn’t getting the ice pack fast enough. That girl only has one volume – LOUD.

My children show empathy.

Recently while driving in the car, an ambulance sped past us. My big boy said, “I don’t like sirens because I’m scared someone got hurt.” The genuine concern on his face was priceless. I want my children to show compassion and strive to help others.

My children have the desire to make others happy.

My kids love to draw pictures and write notes to everyone and anyone…even our friend’s new puppy. One day, to make a sick friend feel better, they decided to go through all their toys and pick out their favorites – some ninja turtles and Olaf. I think they are catching on that even the little things can brighten someone’s day and bring a smile to their face.

So maybe, just maybe, I’m doing something right.

What have your children done to prove you are an amazing mommy?

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Michelle is the Owner and Editor of Fairfield County Mom and Westchester County Mom. She has spent her entire life in Fairfield County, growing up in Norwalk and now residing in Fairfield, CT. Michelle married her husband Chris in October of 2008. Before motherhood, she thought she was busy, but now life with her son Shane (March 2011), twins, Blake and Brynn (June 2013), Carl the French bulldog, and Hank the Lab; the meaning of hectic has been redefined! Michelle is also a working mom, teaching at a local public school. When she’s not doing laundry, creating lesson plans, and picking up toys, Michelle enjoys hosting her book club, watching Bravo TV, eating dark chocolate and enjoying an extra large glass of wine.


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