Socializing & Celebrating Virtually


virtual celebrations

We are certainly living in unprecedented times. I know some things that kept my sanity before were doing things like going to a spin class, grabbing a coffee with a friend, and going to the many grocery stores I love. I miss going to dinner with friends as well as shows and concerts. Celebrating birthdays with my kids’ friends and their parents and my friends is something I miss too. Right now, they may seem like they are gone forever, but they aren’t. There are still many ways to still socialize, keep connected, and celebrate special occasions. This goes for adults and kids.

Of course, the caveat is that most of the ways to connect are via a screen, but it’s better than nothing. Screen time now is used a lot for education and work, but we cannot deem it as a terrible thing because we need it for more than just those things at this point. Try to make a distinction between work and play for you and your family.

Also, we need to remember as we are going through this strange time that our social skills don’t go out the window. As stressful as these times are, we’ve been in them for several weeks now. Please remember common courtesies as well, like attending meetings on-time, adding meetings to your calendar along with reminders, and making sure to communicate to the host if you are running late or unable to participate in. This is what would happen if we were physically going to events, and that doesn’t change in the digital world. People are putting in the effort to arrange calls and meetings, please be courteous.  

With that being said, there are several ways to connect with friends. Several platforms can be found here, but I’d also like to add Google Duo to the list. We use Google Duo several times a week with my brother-in-law and mom (she reads the girls’ bedtime stories several nights a week). Also, try to familiarize yourself with Facebook Live and Instagram Live, as many businesses are posting videos there.

Once you have become familiar with these platforms, keep an eye out for some fun virtual events. For example, several local theaters are streaming events. Ridgefield Playhouse had a Cinco De Mayo Trivia Night, Wall Street Theater in Norwalk had a stand-up comedy show that was streamed, and ACT of CT is doing regular happy hours. There are also dueling piano bars doing BINGO nights and streaming their dueling shows. These are things you can most definitely watch with friends or for a date night.  

Some other ideas are virtual wine tastings with friends through liquor distributors or the vineyards themselves.

In regards to celebrations, Zoom is a great way to connect the family to sing “Happy Birthday” or say, “Congratulations.” There are also companies offering character visits via Zoom as well as virtual birthday party activities. 

Great options for kids are:

Camp – Free birthday parties every day at 5 p.m. that are open to the public and private parties are also available.

CT Princess Parties

Hands On Pottery

Happy Hands Pottery

Jumpin’ Jams

Local Nature Centers – Give them a call to see fees and schedules.

My Gym

Recess Playworks

Sky Zone

Adult Options:

Muse Paint Bar

Painting With a Twist

Pinot’s Palette

Shake Rattle ‘n’ Roll Pianos

Sporcle Virtual Trivia Nights

Please let your self have fun during this time and connect with friends and family. Though we may not be physically together, that does not mean we cannot enjoy the company of those who mean the most to us. Be creative and discover something new for yourself. Please let us know what other fun virtual activities you’ve found as well!


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