A Guide to Sledding Hills in Fairfield County


sledding hillsIf there is one good thing that 2020 gave us, it was SNOW. Finally! All our fingers are crossed for another good snowstorm this winter season.

Here are some of Fairfield County Mom’s favorite sledding hills:


  • Bethel High School: 300 Whittlesey Drive


  • Beardsley Park: 1875 Noble Avenue


  • St. Gregory’s Church: 85 Great Plain Road
  • Richter Park: 100 Aunt Hack Road
  • Hayestown Elementary School: 42 Tamarack Avenue


  • Baker Park: Noroton Avene


  • Gould Manor Park: 655 Holland Hill Road
  • Mill Hill Elementary: 635 Mill Hill Terrace (*please note partially closed to construction)
  • Osborn Hill Elementary: 760 Stillson Road
  • Smith Richardson Golf Course: 2425 Morehouse Highway
  • Sturges Park: 550 Mill Plain Road
  • Tunxis Hill Park (*also known as Melville): Melville Drive 

*Fairfield University’s hills are currently closed due to COVID. Hopefully, next year they will be open and ready to sled in the 2021-2022 winter season!


  • Bruce Park: Bruce Park Drive
  • Innis Arden Golf Club: 120 Tomac Avenue


  • Treadwell Park: 53 Philo Curtis Road (Sandy Hook)


  • Oak Hills Golf Course: 165 Fillow Street
  • Wolfpit Elementary School: 1 Starlight Drive


  • Veteran’s Park Elementary School: 8 Governor Street
  • Ridgefield Golf Course: 545 Ridgebury Road


  • Sterling Farms Golf Course: 1349 Newfield Avenue
  • Cummings Park: 464 Shippan Ave


  • Academy Hill: Academy and Elm Street
  • Wooster Middle School: 150 Lincoln Street
  • Longbrooke Park:103 Glendale Road


  • Twin Brooks Park: Brock Street


  • Greens Farms Elementary School: 17 Morningside Drive
  • Winslow Park: North Compo Road

Happy Sledding! Where are your favorite sledding spots in Fairfield County? Comment below!

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Emma is a stay-at-home mom to her identical twin daughters, Charlotte and Grace (born March 2016) and her son Crosby (born July 2019). She currently resides in Fairfield with her children and her husband Mike. Emma is originally from northeastern CT and worked and lived in Stamford and New York City as an attorney until her daughters were born. Though she misses certain aspects of city life, there really is no better place then living by the beach. When she is not being hounded for snacks or trying to pry her kids off the highest point of the playground, she enjoys going out with friends, trying new restaurants on date nights, binging Bravo and staying active.


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