Self-Care & Authenticity


A woman hugging herself.As we work our way into summertime, which for many consists of more time with our children, less time at home, and the process of balancing it all. How can we be sure that we are continuing to practice self-care and authenticity? Just this week alone (it’s Tuesday, folks!) Several friends, family members, and clients have asked me, “How can I take care of myself better?”. I’ve also been pondering the question myself as there has been so much crisis and uncertainty in our world.

Below are some suggestions to help support you on your self-care journey as we work to navigate wellness and authenticity together. 

1. Modify your environment.

But what does that even mean? It means that maybe you decorate for summer, straighten up some clutter, or rearrange your furniture. Create a “nook” in a favorite room. Even just laundering and changing your bedding can be extremely satisfying! Be creative! By adjusting our space, we provide ourselves with a sense of control and predictability. This can support a reduction in anxiety, allowing you to find peace in the distraction and possibly motivate you to spend more time relaxing in this “new” space.

2. Utilize essential oils.

Essential oils offer many positive benefits when applied topically, along with a carrier oil or when diffused into the air. Oils can be applied to the crown of your head, your neck, and behind your ears. You can also apply them to your temples, inner wrists, and soles of your feet. Essential oils, like lavender and rose, can be added to a warm bath for a soothing and relaxing combination. Many essential oils have healing properties or can be used to cleanse and purify the air. 

3. Get outdoors.

According to a recent study by Gregory Bratman of Stanford University, being outdoors in a park or surrounded solely by nature may cause us to experience reduced blood flow to an area of our brains associated with negative thought patterns.

Physical activity, either at a gym or outdoors, releases endorphins which naturally boost our mood. When we are expected to practice social distancing, taking our exercise regimen outdoors can be highly beneficial.

4. Connect with others.

Now is a wonderful time to reach out to those you may have lost touch with. Connect with others by getting together at a local cafe or park. Reach out by telephone, e-mail, or dare I suggest, “snail mail.” Connecting with others can support our self-care journey by reassuring us that we are all in this (life) together. Spending 10-15 minutes on FaceTime, Skype, or another video platform can break up our daily routine and reduce depressive symptoms.

5. Do what you want to do.

The above suggestions are great, but please be sure that you are taking some time to honor your feelings and choices. If you want to sit and read for an hour, do it. If you need your spouse or significant other to give you some space, ask for it. Now is a wonderful time to support others while practicing authenticity and honoring your boundaries. 

Self-care, boundary setting, and working towards embracing your most authentic self are all means of honoring your genuine emotions. Continue to seek support when needed, and do not forget to take care of yourself!


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