The Scoop on Fairfield County Ice Cream Shops


National Ice Cream Day is observed each year on the 3rd Sunday in July and is a part of National Ice Cream Month. In order to celebrate this delicious holiday we have complied a list of Fairfield County’s tastiest ice cream destinations. 

1. Ferris Acres  – Newton

A family-owned and operated creamery that serves the most delectable homemade ice cream. They serve a wide array of flavors, all made on premise. And the picturesque setting out of a Norman Rockwell painting allows you to eat your ice cream while looking over cow fields. This one-of-a-kind ice cream mecca is not to be missed. They also serve vegan and gluten free varieties.

Flavor Rec: We usually try something on the special menu, but honestly you can’t go wrong. 

Mom Hack: The portions are LARGE. Like very, very generous with their scooping and small children may not be able to mange their own cone without it toppling over (just sayin’ from experience) and bring a cooler so you can take some of their pre-packaged ice cream pints home! 

2. Brendan’s 101 – Rowayton

We can’t get enough of this local all natural ice cream shop. There is something about enjoying ice cream while taking in the picturesque views of nautical Rowayton. I always feel like I am on vacation when we go there, but in reality we only drove 15 minutes.

Flavor Rec: The famous Moose Tracks is super tasty.

Mom Hack: Make an evening of it by going to Rowayton Pizza for dinner (outside dining and BYOB for the win) followed by some delicious ice cream at Brendan’s.

3. Gofer – Greenwich, Stamford & Darien

With three convenient Fairfield County locations this ice cream shop has become a local favorite. They offer a large variety of premium hard and soft serve ice cream flavors as well as their famous “razzles.”

Flavor Rec: Because sometimes high sugar and fat are not enough for kid taste buds, our girls love to add PLENTY of food coloring to their flavor choice and order Blue Monster or Cotton Candy.

Mom Hack: Try not to wear white or light colored clothing when going on an ice cream excursion (this includes ALL family members). However, two to three cycles of wash with oxyclean and Shout will remove Blue Monster stains.

4. Scoops – Wilton

We love this establishment for its local hometown feel. One of my best friend’s grew up in Wilton and it has become a summer tradition to bring our kids to this sweet mom and pop ice cream haven. They also offer a wide variety of candy and other confections. But I’ll be honest, we usually stick with good stuff – ICE CREAM.

Flavor Rec: Swamp! Don’t let the name fool you, this heavenly mixture of coffee ice cream, carmel and M&Ms, is the BOMB.

Mom Hack: Ice cream always makes our little ones whine for water super thirty, so don’t forget the water bottles.

5. Dairy Queen – Numerous locations

It is a classic. An oldie but a goodie, and who doesn’t enjoy the pure dependence of a blizzard. Our family frequents the Dairy Queen on Summer street in Stamford because it is super duper close to our house.

Flavor Rec: Go big or go home with my fave the Heath Bar Blizzard.

Mom Hack: Ice cream for dinner totally counts. This a judgement free zone.

6. Stew Leonard’s – Norwalk & Danbury

Yes, I know this is a mecca for fresh produce and animatronics of signing cows and bananas, but they also serve some pretty tasty frozen custard, aka really yummy soft serve ice cream. Visit this one-stop shop for your groceries, spend $100 (which is ridiculously easy to do) and your receipt is good for a small ice cream or coffee.

Flavor Rec: We stick with the CLASSIC here, Chocolate Vanilla swirl. EVERY.TIME! 

Mom Hack(s): I have a couple for Stews. Receipts NEVER expire, so if you are are not in the mood for ice cream (because let’s say you have a stomach bug) you can save your receipt for next time. Also, you can use multiple receipts to add up to a cool Benjamin. For every $100 you spend you get a free ice cream; however, we all know that each child requires their own treat, because sharing ice cream leads to no buenos. So take your receipt to get a FREE generously portioned ice cream and ask for TWO bowls. That is right two for ONE. No tears for the kiddos and mommy smiles for you.

7. MilkCraft – Fairfield (they also have a food truck) 

Milkcraft, which opened in 2016, specializes in made-to-order ice cream frozen with liquid nitrogen. The company describes its ice cream making process as beginning with milk from New England farms before adding ingredients and making each scoop with food grade liquid nitrogen frozen below 300 degrees. The company is also known for its large Japanese insprired “Bubblecone,” a caramelized waffle cone, which is also made to order. 

Flavor Rec: We have tried both the Frosted Flakes cone and the Salted Carmel Crunch, and both were truly outstanding. No matter what flavor you pick the homemade bubble style waffles that are made from scratch to order, are the true shining STAR.

Mom Hack: Be prepared for LONG lines and an even longer wait times. They are open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. We arrived at 11 a.m. and because they make everything TO ORDER we still waited, but it was well worth it!

8. Carvel – Stamford, Norwalk, & Ridgefield

Two words. Cookie crunchies. I mean do I need to say more? There are numerous locations all over “FairChester.” Our family just had an excellent visit to the Carvel on Long Ridge Road in Stamford.

Flavor Rec: You can’t go wrong with the Chocolate Vanilla swirl with of course, COOKIE CRUNCHIES.

Mom Hack: On Wednesdays it is buy one get one free.

9. Mr. Frosty’s – Norwalk

There is something about being near the water that just makes ice cream taste even better. Mr. Frosty’s is open seasonally March through October and is located less than one mile away from Calf Pasture Beach and right down the street from Veterans Park. This seaside establishment and East Norwalk staple specializes in serving premium soft serve custard along with hard ice cream made locally in Connecticut.

Flavor Rec: Sea Salt Carmel or Quicksand.

Mom Hack: For one those OMG family moments where everyone in your house is blissfully happy, try SURPRISING your kids with an ice cream trip post dinner in their PJS. I can tell you from experience their shock, exuberance and joy are palpable from this routine-breaking sugar high.

10. Deborah Ann’s –  Ridgefield

Deborah Ann’s Sweet Shoppe is located in downtown Ridgefield and features fun homemade chocolates and ice cream, bulk candy, and nostalgic gifts for all ages.

Flavor Rec: For the chocolate lovers out there you have to try National Chocolate League. It contains chocolate chips, Oreos, twix, and fudge!

Mom Hack: Have the kids pay! Have your older child “guesstimate” the cost of your sweet treats and tell you which bills and coins to use. It is also fun to have them guess how much change you will get back. A teacher, always…I can’t help myself.

11. Sweet Ashley’s – Norwalk

This fun and flavorful sweet shoppe is better know for it’s absolutely breathtaking decorated cakes. However, the popular family-owned spot also makes great ice cream cakes and takes custom orders. All ice cream is homemade daily and always fresh.

Flavor Rec: Cookie Dough! Does anyone else dig through to find the largest chunks? I also really enjoy their Grape Nut flavor. 

Mom Hack: Don’t forget the camera. Melted ice cream all over sun-kissed summer checks makes for some great Kodak moments.

12. Walnut Beach Creamy  – Milford

They claim to have “Milford’s only hand crafted gourmet ice cream.” Every batch of ice cream is made by hand using the best and freshest ingredients they can find. You and your minions can enjoy your cone in their backyard garden that is one block from the beach. We have not had the opportunity to visit Walnut Beach Creamery, but it is definitely on our list of places to try.

Flavor Rec: Morning Jolt – coffee ice cream with chocolate covered bacon. Seriously, chocolate covered BACON!

Mom Hack: Make sure every family member orders a different flavor so you have an opportunity to try all the different flavor combos.

13. Timothy’s Ice Cream – Black Rock

This is another place that came highly recommended by the FCMB Mommies, and we know we can trust their awesome recommendations. Each week Timothy’s offers between 12-20 total flavors of ice cream, yogurts, and sorbets. All of their flavors are homemade at their store location with care and creativity.

Flavor Rec: Peppermint. Don’t knock it until you try it.

Mom Hack: If you want your kiddo to enjoy ice creamy goodness without the inevitable sticky mess on their face, hands, and clothes, order a kid’s shake. This is also a good trick if you need to get back in the car quickly and you want don’t want your car to smell like hot dairy products the next day.

DISCLAIMER: This is in NO way an exhaustive list! If you have another favorite place that offers delicious frozen delectables please let us know in the comments below.


What is your family’s favorite Fairfield County ice cream shop?


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