Safety, Style & Comfort :: The Volvo XC60

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I would consider my daughter and I adventurous gals. We frequent local highways to explore new sites throughout CT and beyond. This past weekend, I was excited to take the Volvo XC60 from Riley Volvo Cars Stamford. What a fun and practical way to switch up our daily adventures.

The Volvo did NOT disappoint, and it provided my daughter and I with the smoothest and safest ride.

The Volvo XC60 is a sharp-looking luxury SUV. It has all the bells and whistles without feeling like it has all the bells and whistles…ya know? It’s not overwhelming to learn, and it’s quite simple to navigate all its features after a bit of exploring. What I loved most about this vehicle was how compact it is and how it maximizes the space provided.

Every inch of the vehicle has a purpose and function.

It drives smoothly, and safety is apparent with several features that offer total peace of mind. The lane-keeping system provides gentle support if the vehicle drifts over a lane divider. We live off a busy road, and I often drive closest to the shoulder due to the unpredictable oncoming traffic. This feature alerted me each time. A benefit, should I had not been aware.

Other awesome perks of the Volvo are the clarity of the rear cam, the comfort of the interior seats, and the visibility of the dashboard.

Our favorite feature was the sun/moon roof. We had a wonderful time parked at the beach, admiring the stars from the safety and comfort of this cozy, family-friendly SUV.

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