An RSVP Means Something


I’ve had quite a few birthday parties for my girls, along with BBQs, cookie swaps, and many other events I’ve coordinated. Besides my wedding, which let’s be honest in my case the RSVP cards went to my dad, I’ve used Evite or Paperless Post for invitations. These electronic methods are not only easier for me to keep track of everyone and their contact info, but also it’s much easier to RSVP. I’ll admit, I’m sometimes a bit slow with responding but if someone is hosting something and it’s more formal, I try to be on top of it and add it to the calendar.

That being said when I say I am coming to something, I mean I am coming.  It takes a lot for me to change that RSVP and it’s typically only under circumstances where a) my husband has not informed me of a family/business gathering in a timely manner or b) I am ill. I understand things happen, sitters back out, someone gets sick (I’m all too familiar with being in the hospital with someone). However, I will do my best to be there because the host has accounted for me or my family coming to prepare food and drinks or they have paid ahead for my child(ren) at a party. This is common courtesy and respect. I try my best to be there. I know many people are understanding as well, but it’s the least I can do after I RSVP yes.

I can only hope that other people start to feel the same way when someone invites you to an event that they put time and effort into. Respect the hosts, respect the event, and don’t forget to RSVP whether you can make it or not.

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Caroline is a mom of four, D born in 2011 (a son who left us at 3 years old after significant medical issues), H born in 2013 (daughter), and A & M born in 2016 (twin daughters). Originally from Westchester, she and her husband settled in Wilton in 2010. She became a stay-at-home mom after D was born. She serves on the board of STAR Inc. and is also very involved with the Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley, where she stayed for almost 3 months. She enjoys reading, tennis, cooking, baking, and grocery shopping!



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