The Right Time


right timeThere is never a perfect time, but it can always be the right time. This is something I have been repeating to myself a lot recently.

I have been in my career for thirteen years. In these thirteen years, a lot has happened in my personal life: a wedding, babies, and moves. A lot has also happened in my professional life: another degree, classroom moves, new teaching assignments, new teams, changes in leadership, many amazing friendships, and sadness when colleagues leave the school.

The one thing that seems to be the constant is me. When I finished my Master’s degree, a requirement for teachers in Connecticut, I felt an overwhelming sense of relief. I was a young mother of a one-year-old and a newborn, and I desperately needed a break. It’s been six years.

Not long ago, I started thinking about going back to school again, but there is always an excuse for why it’s not the perfect time.

Daycare is still too expensive; we can’t also pay for school.

The kids are busy; I don’t want to take activities from them so I can do something.

My husband should have a chance to go back to school before I do.

I’m already committed to too many other things.

No matter what, a list of excuses will always be there.

And, I know that, so, a few weeks ago, I applied to a program to get a sixth-year degree. This week, it started. Go figure – this happened to be my most stressful week of the school year. Couple that with staying on top of everything the kids have going on, some unexpected doctor visits for one of my sons, and now a new pretty demanding class. I told my husband multiple times over the last few days that I should have waited; it’s just not the right time.

After a few good cries, a drink with some dear friends, and some reminders on why I’m doing this, I sat down Friday night and started the final assignment for the week. I then scrapped my original blog piece for this month and decided it was important to share this message:

It will NEVER be a perfect time. You can find an excuse – money, time, other priorities – if you’re looking for one. It can always be the right time, though, to go back to school, go on that big vacation, have another baby, have an amazing night out with friends, quit a job to follow your dream, write, start a garden, learn to cook, and the list goes on.

I know there’s something there, in the back of your mind, and I’m here to tell you, NOW can be the right time!


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