The Real Housewives of Fairfield County


real housewives of Fairfield CountyDear Andy Cohen,

Hear me out. I know that you’re not looking for another Housewives franchise. You have Orange County, Beverly Hills, New York, New Jersey, Potomac, Atlanta, Dallas, Salt Lake City, and the upcoming Miami reboot. You have a global franchise, as well, and an All-Stars spin-off is dropping on Peacock shortly. 

But, please, don’t sleep on Fairfield County. We have hedge fund directors, PTA alpha moms, Yale professors, and even Broadway legend Patti LuPone. The school board meeting footage alone would be Ramona Singer-walking-the-catwalk level intense. There would be yacht parties, beach parties, catered one-year-old birthday parties with 250 guests, and did I mention Broadway LEGEND Patti LuPone?

We have the Jesuit school rivalry of Fairfield University and Sacred Heart University. Cast one representative from each school and let them debate about the superior school while drinking pumpkin spice lattes as the fall leaves change color behind them. Host a party at Burr Mansion and hire the cast of “Hamilton” to perform while two women argue about what happened when they went antiquing in New Haven. And oh, the drama that could unfold on MetroNorth. Trap the women on the midnight train home with the Yankees fans and you have ratings gold. 

Sample tag lines would include:

I got my Doctorate from Yale, but don’t call me the doctor, call me the Queen.

I don’t need the famous New England trees to know how to be shady.

I may live in the Nutmeg State but keep them away from me. I have allergies. *sneeze*

And more!

So please, Andy, bring Bravo to the land of Mark Twain and the home of the pizza. We’ll make it worth your while! In the meantime, we’ll have to settle for Dolores Catania’s son graduating from SHU. 


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