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Easter is just around the corner! If you are like me, you have favorite holiday traditions. However, some years I like to change things up a bit and do something different. This year I decided I that I wanted to do a special egg hunt – not the traditional candy and Oriental Trading goodies! So I started searching and I found amazing ideas!!

Puzzle Egg Hunt

  • In each plastic egg, you hide a puzzle piece! You can put it together as you find them, or wait until you find all the eggs and make the puzzle.
  • Once the puzzle is completed, they can earn a prize. This can be a small toy, a sweet treat or a certificate for something special.

Sports/Athletic Egg Hunt

  • In each egg, give a special task! You can incorporate simple “eggs-ercise” activities such as jumping jacks, push-ups, or jogging for one minute.
  • Play a sport! In each egg, hide a sports related task; dribble a soccer ball, hit a ball off the tee or toss a lacrosse ball back and forth 3 times. 

Coupon Egg Hunt

  • Fill eggs with rewards or coupons! These could include making cookies with mom, stay up late one night, trip to the library, lunch date with dad, go get ice cream, trip to the dollar store, ect! Have fun tailoring it to your family’s interests!

Seeds Egg Hunt

  • Easter is all about spring and growth! Fill eggs with different seeds that can be planted. You could also incorporate this into Easter baskets – gardening tools!

ABC Egg Hunt

  • Put all 26 letters on the outside of each egg. Once they find them all (or as they go), put the eggs in alphabetical order!

Money Egg Hunt

  • In each egg, put coins or bills (depending on  your budget). Practice math! As they find the money, they have to identify the coin/bill and the amount. At the end, they can add up the entire amount and put it in a piggy bank (that could be given in their Easter basket)! 
  • You can also purchase fake coins if you don’t want to use real money!

LEGO Egg Hunt

  • In each egg, put one or two small LEGO bricks or pieces. As they find them, they can contribute to a structure, or they can build an original piece once they have collected them all! Who doesn’t love playing with LEGOS?!

Color Coordinated Egg Hunt

  • This is a simple twist! Assign each egg hunter a specific color to look for – and that is the only color they can collect! This is a great solution for different ages! Hide the three year old’s pink eggs easier and the ten year old’s yellow eggs harder!

Golden Ticket Hunt

  • Hide a ticket inside each egg (some can have more than one), and at the end of the hunt they can trade their tickets in for bigger prizes. 
  • Shake things up with a golden ticket! Hide ONE golden ticket in one egg for a bigger, more exciting prize!

Glow In The Dark Egg Hunt

  • Instead of hunting on Easter morning, have your egg hunt the night before or the night of Easter. Fill plastic eggs with glow in the dark bracelets, rings, or finger lights (cracked so they are glowing) and search for them in the dark. You may want to tape the eggs shut so the bracelets don’t make the eggs pop open.

There are so many fun ideas! Some others include reversing the rolls and having your children fill and hide the eggs, create a *special* hunt for your significant other, an egg scavenger hunt where each egg leads you to another egg with a new clue, floating eggs in a pool (if you are in a warm location and can swim), and an egg hunt relay race (one team member finds an egg at a time). You can also keep with a traditional hunt, but change up your fillings. Here are some great non-candy filler ideas!

I hope you feel inspired to try one of these fun and creative egg hunts this Easter! Happy Hunting!


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