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forever familiesThis year, National Adoption Day is recognized on Saturday, November 20, 2021. However, the entire month of November is traditionally a time to acknowledge and learn about adoption and children in foster care and forever families whose lives have been impacted by adoption.

National Adoption Day began as an effort to raise awareness of children in foster care waiting to be adopted, according to nationaladoptionday.org.

As per the National Adoption Day website, more than 120,000 children are waiting to be adopted from foster care in the United States. On a more local level, there are over 4,000 children in foster care in Connecticut, and many of these children need permanent homes (see adoptuskids.org).

The efforts to create a National Adoption Day were started by various adoption organizations, which prompted nine cities to open courthouses on one Saturday during November to finalize adoptions. This, in turn, helped reduce backlogged cases awaiting finalizations in busy courthouses.  

More information about National Adoption Day can be found on the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption website, where you can also find or register for an event in your area.

Historically, the initial adoption-related event that focused awareness on adoptions was in 1976 when then-Governor Dukakis of Massachusetts proclaimed the first week of November as “Adoption Week” to focus on the need for more families to care for children in foster care. It then turned into a national event shortly after that, according to The Adoption Network.

Also, as per The Adoption Network website, as the number of events grew, the need for more days of event planning to raise awareness became necessary.

Then, in 1998, President Bill Clinton announced the beginning of National Adoption Month in November, which is the event currently celebrated and recognized. Whether you are someone interested in adopting, curious to learn about the process, or know someone that might be interested, National Adoption Month is a great place to start and learn about the available resources.

For local families or individuals in Connecticut, a good resource is found here on the Ct.gov website. On this website, you will find a phone number and email to obtain information about becoming a foster or adoptive parent. Additionally, there is much important information about the foster care and adoption process, including subsidies, training, forms, information about the legal aspects surrounding foster care and adoption, and frequently asked questions. There are also foster and adoption stories that are shared to learn more about personal experiences.

Another great resource is A Family for Every Child, which includes information about Connecticut’s foster and adoption process and post-adoption support services.

Also on the Ct.gov website is the Connecticut Heart Gallery, which gives profiles of children who need forever families, along with contact information to reach out for more details. 

Listings of virtual foster care and adoption informational meetings can be found here on the Connecticut Department of Children and Families website.

Whether you are just interested in the idea of foster care and the adoption process and looking to gather information, or if you are further along in the process, the organizations listed above will be helpful.

This November, learn more about adoption, register for an event, and encourage others to do the same.


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