CTRL + ALT + DELETE and Force quit on “selfless” behavior.



— OR — 

COMMAND + OPTION + ESC  (if you’re on a Mac)

Do you ever feel like you want to do that with your life?

Well, I AM for 2017.

I am forcing a “Priority Reset” for 2017.

One thing I’ve learned as a Mom in my almost 5 years of parenting: if Mom doesn’t do it, it [usually] doesn’t get done. Mom has a stomach bug unexpectedly? Guess who cleans it up while Dad is at work? Mom does. Mom has the flu? Who cleans the used, wadded up tissues off the floor? Mom does. Does Mom nap when she’s sick? Not likely. Need soup while she’s sick? She gets it. My 4 1/2 year old recently told me, “But you CAN’T have surgery…you’re a MOM!” Touche my little one.

Back to my priority reset point. If you don’t do it, no one will do it for you.

This year HAS to be about me. Not in a selfish way. Not in a greedy way. But in a necessary, I need to take care of myself way. I haven’t even been on “the list” in the past 5 years. I am stricken with guilt when I get my hair cut, or buy something for myself. Heck, I don’t even HAVE a baby-sitter, other than my Mom!


Force quit on “selfless” behavior.

No one will take care of me or make me a priority if I don’t first set that example.

Repeat: I AM a priority. I DO deserve to be taken care of. I am WORTHY of a little time each day for ME. 

Goals (not resolutions) for 2017:

Work on my Health. Mental & Physical 

Jot it down. Make it real. Keep the promise to yourself.

I don’t care about being skinny…just healthy. I want to exercise at least 4 times per week. I want to build strength and confidence. Right now I have self-diagnosed social anxiety about pictures being taken of me, or going anywhere that requires me to see people I haven’t seen in a while. Why? Because I can *hear* the whispers, and I am too self-conscious and ashamed about my larger than ever before appearance that I’d rather miss the event or being in the photo. Cheers to no excuses! 5 Workouts When you have no time to work out! 

Work on my Finances.

Savings for the future we’ve dreamed of. Disney world and college and retirement won’t pay for themselves. If we don’t make it a priority, the money will be spent on other inconsequential things that are unnecessary. Made up trips to Target *must* end. Enough said. Dave Ramsey a renowned author and coach has some great tips! 

Work on taking more “me” time.

Sounds selfish. Especially to a slightly older generation (like my Mom and Grandma) who wouldn’t dream of taking time for themselves; they were so dedicated to their family life. But as the world (and research) has evolved, we’ve learned that happier moms make time for themselves and their partners. They don’t lose sight of who they are, and who they are in their marriage. Here are 17 habits of Very Happy Moms

 Now that the sugar and carb induced coma of the holidays has worn off and I’ve looked back on 2016 I wave farewell to putting myself last. The first half of 2016 was dedicated to trying to “fix” my Dad and his addiction. Running to rescue him anytime there was an “emergency.” The second half of 2016 was dealing with his (preventable) death. I was blessed to channel my grief into a children’s book. I was able to deal with my questions and sadness, and I was able to heal. It brought me to this realization that my goals for 2017 need to be family focused.

And with me (or you) at the helm of the family if we’re not taken care of, no one is *fully* thriving. I want to teach my kids that it is not selfish to care for yourself first. I want them to see Mom getting healthy and strong in every aspect so that I can be better for them. So that I can run, and jump, and play, and dream, and do with them for as long as this life will let me.

What are your self care rules? How do you make yourself a priority?

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Kate is a full time Virtual Assistant for a large internet marketer and several smaller entrepreneurs. She spends her VA hours keeping her clients calm and focused while she takes care of all of the back end project management and customer happiness. Most often found with a cup of coffee in hand, she spends many of her VA hours also juggling Mommy hours for her two precocious and high energy kiddos Jax and Brenna. Kate and her family just relocated back to the area from Colorado where they lived for 7 years. A Fairfield County native, Kate is thrilled to be home and sharing some of her own favorite childhood memories and re-living them vicariously through her children.


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