I Promise You Will Experience The Magic of Kindergarten


kindergartenDear Kindergarten Student of the 2020-2021 School Year,

I cannot wait to meet you and get to know who you are! I will always be honest…this year is different. It looks different. It feels different. There are lots of moms, dads, teachers, and grandparents worrying about you.

You. The curious, resilient, and brave five-year-old about to begin their education.

You may wonder what Kindergarten will be like. Perhaps you lay in bed at night thinking about the friends you will make, the teacher you will have, or the toys that will be in your classroom. Maybe you are nervous. Maybe you are excited.

Family and friends have been talking an awful lot about wearing a mask at school, keeping our distance from friends, and washing our hands. Maybe it gives you an uneasy feeling in your tummy, wondering why everyone is so worried. And perhaps you have no idea what the fuss is all about, or maybe you know exactly what a pandemic is and the reason for all the concern.

Well, as your Kindergarten teacher, I’d like to share some really important and exciting information about your upcoming year.

Yes, we will wear masks. Yes, we will keep our distance. But…

You are about to embark on the most amazing adventure. Through oceans, rainforests, and caves all over the world, the fascinating stories we read will come to life and make all your worries disappear.

You will learn your ABC’s and 123’s through movement, singing, dancing, videos, and books.

You will make everlasting friendships. Oh, will you make friends!

We will play! Every classroom will handle this differently, as we need to keep toys clean, but I promise to give you the play experiences you deserve!

Your brain will grow smarter every single day.

Kindergarten may look different than last year, but luckily, this is a whole new experience for you, and you won’t know any different.

We teachers will do everything in our power to give you the Kindergarten experience you deserve. I hope that every day you leave excited to come back.

And one thing I can certainly promise is that whatever platform we may use…you WILL experience the magic of Kindergarten.

Your Kindergarten Teacher


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