Products I Am Loving During Quarantine


While being stuck at home during this pandemic, I can’t help but obsess over all the items that have given me JOY and brought me sanity

Admittedly, staying home for most of the day has made me discover my cozy side, and I’ve fallen in love with pieces like tie-dye sweatshirts, plastic Birkenstocks, bike shorts, as well as the Insta famous Amazon house dress. 

Here’s what I’m loving this summer. Is there anyone else who can’t stop ordering from Amazon? 

Apple Air Pods

From video conference calls to binge-listening to podcasts, I have never charged my beloved Apple air pods more. I might also add that listening to a book on audible or Libby while watching my kiddos swim in the pool this summer has been a “lifesaver” both literally and figurately.

Amazon House Dress

Flowy, forgiving, inexpensive, and washes remarkable well, this dress is the epitome of fashion for the pandemic. I may have worn it three days in a row last week.

Plastic Birkenstocks

I wore these plastic clouds of comfort all spring with fuzzy socks while we were distancing learning. Now that we are in the “dog days of summer,” they are still my go-to shoe for fashion, function, and style. I am highly considering getting another pair in a different color.

Coil Hair Ties

I truly hope the “messy mom bun” is a fashion trend that is here to stay for the ages. I find these hair ties ideal for creating a tousled yet quaffed bun that is perfect for a Zoom call and great for keeping your cool why waiting in line at Trader’s Joes. 

Bike Shorts

Bike shorts have all the comfort of a legging while keeping you cool during the warmer months. My favorite pairs of bike shorts have a side pocket that perfectly holds your phone. 


I think that many of the fashion trends of summer 2020 are throwbacks to past decades because nostalgic clothing is extremely comforting. In other words, they remind us of “better days.” The tie-dye craze has been very visible this summer. I truly enjoy my tie-dye sweatshirt from Target, and it gives me all the feels in a plethora of ways.

Sporting the birks, hair ties, bike shorts, and tie-dye sweatshirt


What products have you loved this summer?

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