Baby Makes Four: Preparing for our new baby


Hello! I’m so excited to finally be back with FCMB, but now with an almost 6-month old baby girl and a three year old “big girl”. The past six months have been a little crazy, but good crazy, as we’ve started our life as a family of four. I thought I’d rejoin the blog by sharing five things we did to make the transition a little easier for all of us.


Preparing our Home: Stock up on (Almost) Everything

In addition to food and freezer meals, I stocked up on toiletries, cleaning supplies, and paper goods. I don’t typically buy in bulk (we have no storage space!), but it was so nice to not have to worry about how much shampoo or dish soap we had left, and when I’d get to the store again. However, there are two things that I’m glad I decided not to buy in bulk: diapers and formula. We switched both within the first couple of weeks, and luckily ended up with very little wasted.

Preparing the Baby Gear

I saved most of my older daughter’s baby gear and clothes, but only what was in very good to great condition. So, you can imagine my confusion when I pulled stained clothes out of storage. I don’t know (or want to know) what happens to old formula stains over time, but after I spent an afternoon soaking everything in OxiClean Baby, I was able to save it all. I’m not going to lie, it was not my first choice of a product to use, but if EWG isn’t worried, then neither am I.

Preparing my Daughter: Talk often about the “New Baby”

Leading up to the new baby’s arrival, my daughter and I talked about the “new baby” all day long. She knew that the baby was “growing in my belly,” and coming soon, but not here yet. Our conversations were usually as simple as “the baby won’t be ready to play with you, but you can read her books and show her how to play with all of her toys.” and “the baby will sit in the backseat with you…where should we take her!?” My daughter’s transition to big sister went surprisingly well, and I like to think our conversations helped make her ½ excited and ½ curious.

Preparing my Daughter: Presents!

Presents, bribes, entertainment, whatever you want to call them! This actually broke down into three categories: before, during, and after. Before I headed to the hospital, my daughter received this doctor’s kit that she wanted. At the hospital, she received a baby doll, a baby’s diaper bag, and the “I Am a Big Sister!” book (highly recommend for ages 1 to 3). At home, I had a small bag full of games and activity books (most from Target’s Bullseye’s Playground), for times when we needed a special new something to-do. These were all a big hit and are all still played with almost daily.

Preparing Myself

Hmm can you really prepare yourself? Leading up to (and past) my due date, we spent more time having fun out and about… my husband and I, my daughter and I, and as the three of us on weekends. We wondered what life would be like with a new baby, and how we’d all adjust. And now, almost six months later, I can hardly remember what life was like before my second baby was here!

How did you prepare before bringing a new baby home?


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