Positive Parenting: Managing Stress During the Holidays

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positive parenting

The holidays create stress in almost every family. Relatives and friends, who may not normally get together, gather to celebrate. High expectations for peace and happiness eventually are challenged by a relative with a political axe to grind or a retaliation after having too many sips of holiday cheer. But it’s not only adults who feel the stress–children react to family pressure, especially if their parents are anxious. As a result, a child (or children) may react negatively to an otherwise happy time.

This is the sort of situation where a parenting coach can help. A certified parent trainer teaches parents how to positively parent children, regardless of a diagnosis or if there are emotional challenges and/or special needs in the family. Naturally, children need parental support all year long. But the holidays are especially challenging for youngsters who may face situations in and out of the family in which they have little experience.

These atypical situations may cause a child to react in inappropriate ways. As a result, parents, grandparents and other relatives may react in a detrimental fashion further fueling the behavior they do not want from their child. Parents who are aware of these sorts of potential situations benefit from having a consultant show them how to get what they want out of their children, as well as learning ways to manage challenging interactions with well-intended relatives and family friends.

Parent coaching is different from therapy. Coaching involves teaching parents how to provide children motivation and support to achieve life goals, make life improvements, or make major life changes. While it is not a process-based relationship like therapy, it is about creating goals to make more positive life changes. A coach offers guidance and support and sets up plans with the parents and other caregivers in order to reduce the amount of overall stress in the family and help the children have better coping skills going forward.

Positive discipline parenting is about parenting in a way that develops self control, resiliency, responsibility, cooperation and effective problem solving skills. Positive discipline is based on the works of Dr. Jane Neslen in combination with an Alderian approach to parenting. Positive parenting teaches families to understand that every behaviors serves a function for a child. It teaches the adult to understand this and to eventually raise children who feel competent and able to cope. As a result, these children are less likely to have unexpected behaviors, anxiety and depression. Learning the concepts of positive discipline and effective parenting can also increase positive child behaviors and decrease negative ones.

Positive parenting coaching is a way to teach and motivate caregivers to be more successful in raising healthy children. The upcoming holidays are stressful enough without parenting challenges. Working with a professional parenting coach teaches valuable tools to get through the holiday season and allow your child or children to thrive emotionally now and all year long.

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Dr. Joanne Iurato, PhD LCSW, is a Master Certified Coach who works with adults on a variety of issues, including parenting, ADHD and life and job transitions.


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