Pixie Vacation: The Happiest Place on Earth

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This Fall my husband and I decided it was time to take the plunge and surprise our boys with a trip to Disney World. We were lucky to have a family friend who is a Disney planner, as well as numerous friends who are frequent Disney travelers. So began my obsession with planning our trip. I joined every Facebook group I could find and scoured websites for tips and tricks.

With a few weeks left before our big trip, I had the opportunity to work with Lisa and Steve Griswold from Pixie Vacations. They are both past Disney Cast Members, who have lived, worked, and played at Walt Disney World. Now Lisa and Steve specialize in planning Magical Disney vacations through their company, Pixie Vacations. As parents, their mission is to focus on creating magical vacations at the best prices possible. Not only are Pixie Vacations’ services free when you book with them, they help with Disney dining plans and Fastpass selections.

Even though most of our trip was planned before I learned about Pixie Vacations, I was still able to improve my trip plans. Here are some reasons to use Pixie Vacations to help anyone thinking/planning a trip to the happiest place on earth (cruises included!):

1. Check the Disney crowd planner before picking dates. This allows you to see how crowded the parks may be during your visit. 

2. Make everything a package deal. Pixie Vacations allow you to bundle your Walt Disney World Hotel, Disney park tickets, and the Disney Dining Plan into a nice vacation package complete with Disney Magic Bands, Magical Express transfers to and from the Orlando Airport, and many more magical extras from your Pixie at Pixie Vacations.

3. Pixie Vacations continue to monitor your vacation plans, and if a better deal comes up, they contact you to help you save money!

4. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

5. IT’S FREE! Why not take advantage of their expert knowledge and experience to help your vacation be the best possible?

Pixie Vacations has over 1,500 guest reviews. Don’t wait to become a part of the Pixie family and let them start planning your (next) Disney vacation.  

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