Pet Peeves of the Never-Ending Summer of 2020


pet peevesThis summer, the “Summer of COVID-19,” has changed our daily routines drastically – mask-wearing in public, the lack of indoor dining, and the closings of summer camps for our children. It has also led me to spend way more time in the house than ever before. I have realized that I have developed various household “pet peeves.”

This Is What Happens

Kids leave their dishes on the counters or around the house. Do the kids think the dishes have legs and will walk to the sink?

We have a bin of chargers. There must be 100 chargers! The funny thing is we can never find the correct one when we need it. 

We thought it would be a great summer with extensive use of the “Slip and Slide” in our yard. Great, this can serve two functions: the kids play in the yard and have fun while we also water the lawn. Nope! Little did we realize, the “Slip and Slide” actually would kill the grass that was underneath. 

I don’t know how Lego’s always seem to make their way to the floor. A quick trip to the bathroom in the dark may end up feeling like you found a stack of pins in the middle of the floor. 

Why does my child’s toothpaste tube always seem to be covered in toothpaste?

My husband has been working from home this summer, and we communicate less than we did when he was away at work.

What Other People Say

As I discussed some of my pet peeves with friends and Fairfield County Mom contributors, I realized I was not alone. Here are a few of their pet peeves.

Internet trolls and shaming of people on local Facebook groups. They should take advice from Princess Poppy and learn to tolerate and be respectful of others.

Being called by a nickname while not being asked if it’s okay to be called that particular name.

Emails where people hit, “reply all,” or use ALL CAPS and don’t realize they are YELLING AT YOU!

Children who are not supervised on the beach and run around like a flock of seagulls gone wild.

Live and Learn

Raising children is one of the most significant responsibilities and challenges. As we live in a new norm for 2020, it’s a great time to remember we also need to take time out to laugh and not sweat the small things. The summer of 2020 has taught me just that. But, there are some things we may never understand.


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