Paper. Scissors. Glue. {favorite kid’s crafts for December}


carsus-textura-gouache-2Paper. Scissors. Glue. is a monthly list on Fairfield County Moms Blog. Every month we’ll suggest some fun crafts to do with your kids. There will be four categories of age-appropriate crafts for you to choose from, all of which can be modified for older or smaller hands. So, get out your paper, scissors and glue and have some fun this December!

Toddler (under 2): 

  1. Use cookie cutters or make hand or foot print ornaments with this fun salt dough recipe.
  2. What toddler doesn’t love to rip paper? Put that to good use and make this colorful paper tree.
  3. Little ones love the feel of cotton balls – especially pulling them apart. Grab some glue sticks and have your toddler make paper tree – no two are ever alike!

Preschool (3-4):

  1. Okay, so it’s not exactly a craft holiday, but it is a fun one. December 4 is National Cookie Day! Here are 25 chocolate chip cookie recipes.
  2.  Paper plate crafts are always fun for preschool crowd.

Early Elementary (5-7):

  1.  December 12 is Gingerbread House day. Save yourself the hassle of buying a kit. Grab just a paper bag and some construction paper and go to town.
  2.  Family members will love too hang these picture sleigh ornaments on their trees. Just make sure an adult is around to use a glue gun.
  3.  Recycle a water bottle to make this adorable snowman. Make a couple, roll up a white sock and go snowman bowling.

Late Elementary (8-10):

  1.  Make a Hanukkah suncatcher.
  2.  These mason jar lid wreaths are so unique and fun to make.
  3.  Why not make your own snow (if there isn’t any on the ground), and have a snowball fight? Outdoors, of course.

Do you have a craft you like to do with your kids this time of year? We’d love to know!

Make sure to check out last month’s crafts here.


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