Organizing My Life


A woman putting items in a kitchen shelf. My life has never been organized or structured. In the past, I’ve done most things spontaneously, without much planning in advance. But, since I have become pregnant with my third child, I have become more organized. 

Giving Credit to Where it Belongs

My husband, on the contrary, is very organized. Everything in the house has a place. He is driven by having various things in and around the house in their respective place. I do agree, with the saying we sometimes here, “He has rubbed off on you.” Living with my spouse for many years, I feel his ways of organizing have begun influencing me. 

Ways to Get Organized 

I have to write everything down. As I get older, this is even more important for me to remember what I need to finish. Also, I marvel at the accomplishment that I feel as I check off items from the list. I recommend to others to use a daily checklist for household chores. 

Plan ahead! I do most of my planning for upcoming activities (whether in or outside the home) and projects, such as decluttering a closet when my house quiets down at night. I know what is upcoming for the days and weeks ahead and what I will tackle to organize within my home. 

Do one project a day! This is my new motto. Now that, I am almost eight months into my pregnancy this is essential. Yes, some may call it ” nesting,” but I have changed my ways to alleviate stress by incorporating this into my life has helped relieve stress. Decluttering your life (literally) will allow you to live with a clearer head and a neater home. 

Have your kids help. This may sound silly or like a joke to some parents. But enlisting the help of your children will also allow you to stay on top of daily household chores. I believe it will also help take some of the burden off your plate as we know home cleaning up also involves toys and clothes of our kiddos. This fall, my daughter who is 10, has been able to help me wrap holiday presents, organize all her school papers, and has begun helping me with small kitchen tasks. 

Everything Comes at a Price

The organization process can be difficult and sometimes make you nuts (for my husband and me, this is true). On occasion, my husband and I will take on too many projects at once. I will feel overwhelmed and need to step back. It is important to remember to take small steps when making changes and you and your partner may not see eye to eye on everything. 

My vision and my husband’s will often vary. He will have a particular way he may see fit to organize the cabinet with the Tupperware dishes. We have moments of disagreement, mainly with the process and not the result. We will discuss who is managing the project and the timeline. I take my time more and do not see as much rush. We have learned to take these moments of disagreement to learn more about compromise.

Stop making excuses. I will no longer allow myself to make excuses as to “I do not have the time.” I make the time. There is time, it is a matter of budgeting yourself to daily and occasional projects that will help you feel organized and less of a clutter mess. 

Will My Organized Life Stay Organized?

I am now celebrating the success of making changes in my daily life. The small changes I have begun incorporating some day-to-day organizing in my home. I feel less clutter around me and find our closets, drawers, cupboards, etc., more accessible. 

Life will be more challenging for me after baby #3 arrives this winter. Sticking to a plan of writing things down, making to-do lists, and taking on one project at a time will allow me to stay organized in my life.


How do you keep your life and home organized?


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