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What woman doesn’t love beautiful jewelry? I certainly do! So when I was approached to speak with FCMB sponsor Leslie Kumar, jewelry designer and creator of NYLA STAR, I couldn’t wait to check out her designs, and learn more about her line.

When I arrived home from work one afternoon to find a package in the mail from Leslie, I was blown away by the sparkle and quality of the jewelry she’d sent. From the photos on her website, I had no doubt the pieces would be beautiful; but the photos didn’t do them justice. Seeing them in person allowed me to appreciate the fine design and attention to detail that Leslie executed flawlessly. Even my 22-month-old daughter let out an “Ohhhhh,” when she toddled over to see what I had unwrapped.

So much sparkle!

In speaking with Leslie about her line of jewelry, it was evident from the very beginning of our conversation that she not only loves designing pieces, but she has a passion and a gift for it.

nyla starThe Start of NYLA STAR

It’s as they say – when one door closes, open a window. That is exactly what Leslie Kumar did when she found herself looking for work six years ago. The job market was tough, she was newly engaged, and she decided to take time to reflect on what she really wanted to do in life. Thankfully, everything fell into place and her calling became clear – she had a talent for designing jewelry, and wanted to turn it into a business.

“I wanted to design jewelry that I would wear myself, and I wanted to create pieces that I didn’t see available other places,” Leslie said proudly, when she was asked what inspired her. “I also wanted my jewelry to be seasonless, non-trendy, and versatile.”

Leslie took those thoughts, ran with them, and in 2010, NYLA STAR was born. She describes her NYLA STAR pieces as, “classic, sophisticated, and delicate.” The pieces are created in a way so that they can be mixed with other fine or casual jewelry, and many of the pieces can be layered together.

It is important to note that on top of being a jewelry designer, Leslie is also a wife, and a mom to her 17-month-old daughter, Avery. She hopes that one day, Avery will help design jewelry for NYLA STAR.

Gifts, gifts, gifts!

One of the best things about NYLA STAR jewelry is that the pieces can be a go-to for gifts. “A wide array of women can wear these pieces, which makes them an easy gift option,” Leslie reflected. “They are not only easy to wear, but easy to buy.”

Leslie also spoke warmly about how she loves to work with brides to select gifts for their bridesmaids, and they even have the option to customize their selections. The personal touch that she offers these brides is clearly one thing that sets her apart from other places one could purchase bridal party gifts.

Pieces from the “Samantha Collection” are perfect bridesmaids gifts, as well as something bridesmaids can wear with their dresses.

Tips for Fall Fashion

As for up-and-coming looks, when Leslie was asked what she thought would be popular trends for this fall, she responded, “I’d love to see more jewel tones – deep greens, purples and blues; basically any color on a peacock with thick, luxurious, and textured fabrics.”

Leslie is excited to be releasing some new jewelry for the fall, but she is also continuing to sell some of the NYLA STAR staples. This includes her, “Samantha Collection,” which has been part of the line since the beginning.

Final Thoughts

After seeing two pieces of Leslie’s collection, I was eager to see more. I decided to take a trip to Kirby and Company in Darien, where they offer a large selection of NYLA STAR pieces.

Laying necklaces can go with any look!

Again, seeing the pieces on display made me fall in love with them. The silver, gold, and rose gold tones all complimented one another, and I couldn’t get over the sparkle and shine! I am confident that when you head out to see Leslie’s NYLA STAR creations, you will have the exact same reaction!

Beautiful bangles!

NYLA STAR can be found at stores throughout Connecticut, New York, across the country, and online. Details of exact locations can be found hereFor the month of October, please use check out code FCMB20 to receive 20% off your entire order and free shipping on www.nylastar.comPlease follow NYLA STAR  on Facebook @NYLASTAR, Instagram @nylastar, and Twitter @NYLASTARJewelry.

This post was sponsored by NYLA STAR, but the opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting our sponsors.


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