I’m Not Waiting Anymore


not waitingA couple of years ago, I wrote about dining alone and how enjoyable it can be. I’ve now also realized I could enjoy doing other activities alone, either as a mom with just my kids or all on my own.

If I want to do something, I’ve found that I need to book it, go to it, or sign up for it.  There is so much time waiting and trying to coordinate or being dismissed or not responded to. Also, I realized some people aren’t interested in the same things I am, and that’s okay. I am also okay not waiting for them to be someday interested.  

I’m happy to take my girls to all sorts of activities, and I’m okay not coordinating with another family. However, if someone asked me to go with them, I would happily go. I’m happy going to a hotel by myself for an overnight out of the house. However, if someone asked me, I’d probably happily go. I’m always happy to dine myself; however, I’d be glad to go with them if someone asked me. 

I was even prepared to go to an outdoor concert by myself this summer because I had been looking forward to it for months. And you bet if someone asked me to go to this concert, I’d be there!

The waiting is the hardest part,” said Tom Petty, and I’m just ready to cut it out where it’s not necessary.

I’m no longer waiting to be invited, and I’m no longer putting my plans on hold, waiting on someone or something else when I don’t have to.  

So, what are you waiting for?


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