Not As Easy As Playing With Dolls! Meet Elisabeth



When I was little, my favorite playtime activity was playing house. I had a baby doll named Sarah and my sister had a doll named John. We would spend countless hours playing family. We would both be mommies to our babies; bathe them, feed them, change them, and take them for walks in their strollers.

From a young age, I knew that my most important role in life would be a mother. I had changed careers a few times and wasn’t sure what state I would settle in, but I knew for sure that one day, I would become a mom.

I remember the day I saw the positive pregnancy test. My heart raced with excitement. As I watched my husband sleep (I woke up at some odd hour to take it), I pictured our beautiful family. And now, seven and a half years later, we have three amazing and strong-willed girls running around.

My husband and I met at college, but after I transferred, we lost touch. However, a few years later, a mutual friend (my oldest daughter’s God-father) brought us back together. We started dating right after graduation. After living in Old Greenwich and then Stamford, we decided to settle and purchase our home in Fairfield. I love all the town has to offer for families! We can often be found with our girls at sports practice (currently tennis, basketball or lacrosse), gymnastics, getting ice cream at the local hot spots, picking up take out from A&S, playing at the beach or grilling in the backyard!

Motherhood is indeed a journey! I believe we learn a little more each day and we all try to do the best we can. I am excited to join the Farifield County Moms Blog group of amazing women and share my ideas, challenges, triumphs, and goals with you.

Is my life as glamorous as playing house was when I was little? No! But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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