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As a mother of 3 young children I’ve experienced my fair share of sickness, bumps, bruises and beyond. I’m all about preventive care, so that’s why my pediatrician is on speed dial. But one thing I’ve learned from being a mama is that you always need a backup plan. Enter FCMB sponsor, AFC Urgent Care located at 1918 Blackrock Turnpike in Fairfield. Every mom needs a professional, reliable, and caring place to turn to when an emergency occurs.urgent care Fairfield

A few weeks ago, after returning from a family vacation in Nantucket, I realized that a small cut on my son’s foot had turned yellow and crusty. There was also a weird little green speck on his toe (my first thought was that it was play dough); but my gut told me it was a serious infection. I went into full panic mode and called our pediatrician asap. But of course it was a late Friday afternoon, our doctor had left early, and the nurse practitioner couldn’t see us for another 4 hours! What’s a mom to do? It wasn’t a huge emergency that I could walk into the ER, but I also couldn’t wait a moment longer to see a doctor!

So like most moms in a bind, I called my mom asking for advice and she suggested an urgent care facility. My first thought was that they were just for adults, but with a quick google search I found AFC Urgent Care was just around the corner, and they are open every day from 8am to 8pm with board certified physicians that are qualified to care for patients of all ages; small infants over 3 months to senior citizens. I was in luck!

When I first walked into the facility I was greeted by their super friendly staff at the front desk. I immediately felt at ease and was assured that my son would be in great care. As I sat down to fill out the paperwork, a staff member came out to the waiting room equipped with paper doctor hats and AFC Urgent Care coloring books to keep my kiddos entertained. AND they put a kids show on their giant-sized TV. I was shocked that I could actually focus on a task without being interrupted!

urgent care to the rescue
A very happy and brave patient!

Next we were called to meet with a nurse to go over my sons vitals as well as his medical history. My son’s nerves were put at ease since every tool and procedure was explained. We were then brought into a kid-friendly room set up with pics of superheroes and Frozen characters. The wait was super quick and the doctor calmed my son by making jokes and distracting him with his special “ice cream spray” (aka numbing cream). He was able to quickly assess and diagnose a pretty bad foot infection. Medication was prescribed and carefully explained, helping this anxious mama relax. I had such a great experience and I knew that other local moms NEEDED to know about this valuable community resource.

I had to spread the good word. A few days later my best friend and FCMB co-owner took her son for a bad rash that popped up overnight.
I had to spread the good word. A few days later my best friend and FCMB co-owner took her son for a bad rash that popped up overnight.

AFC Urgent Care in Fairfield opened October 2015 and is the second center established by Dr. Steven Heffer, Owner/Medical Director. Dr. Heffer is a 15-year Fairfield resident. He decided to open the Fairfield center in response to friends and neighbors citing an unmet need for a high quality urgent care clinic with convenient hours. Focused on delivering exceptional service and a great patient experience, AFC Urgent Care offers a one-stop medical resource for children, adults, college students and local businesses.

AFC Urgent Care is known for advanced patient care provided by expert board certified physicians and staff, particularly in the areas of urgent care and occupational medicine. Their ability to provide state-of-the-art treatment stems from their commitment to teamwork, collaboration and first class patient care. The physicians and staff at AFC Urgent Care are committed to comprehensive, compassionate and personal care of all patients without the extensive wait times and cost experienced by so many visiting hospital emergency departments. Their state of the art equipment (including digital x-ray and a full state accredited lab) will take care of all your urgent care needs.

In addition to providing health care services, AFC Urgent Care in Fairfield takes pride in designing and implementing educational, wellness and community programs for schools, community clubs, and organizations.AFC Fairfield Services

So when the next non-life threatening emergency arises make sure to consider visiting AFC Urgent Care. To learn more check out their website and visit them on Facebook.

This post was sponsored by AFC Urgent Care, but the opinions are my own. Please support our sponsors.
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