My Favorite Milestones


Toddler covering her eyes.Now that the Little Monkey is 18 months old, we’ve had our share of the classic milestones. The first time rolling over, first tooth, first step, first word – they’ve all been a big deal and special in their own way. But as all you parents know, there are other little milestones along the way, ones that your pediatrician won’t ask you about and won’t be found in any child development books.  

First Dance

When the Little Monkey was just a teeny baby, we spent what seemed like hours dancing – me doing the “mommy bounce” to comfort him at all hours of the day and night, singing in his ear and hoping he’d calm down.  I love that he now dances on his own.  At the first notes of any music, he’ll start waving his arms in the air, shaking his tush, and doing his little bounce.

First Puppy Love 

I’ve written before about how much we love our dog and how happy he adores our son.  I also love how the  Little Monkey adores his “big brother.”  The first time we came home, and he blew a kiss at the dog marked an important milestone for us.

First Friendship

As with most parents and kids, the Little Monkey and I do most of our socializing with my girlfriends and their babies.  While he’s known the kids since they were all in baby group together, they’re still a bit young to really play with one another.  But the other day, when we were saying goodbye to one of our friends and her son, the boys reached out and gave each other a high five.  Friendship milestone met!

First Time Sharing 

This might be a silly one, but my heart just about burst the first time the Little Monkey tried to share the food off of his high chair tray with me.  Though a chunk of banana that’s been mushed between his fingers doesn’t always appeal to me, his sheer delight when I take it from him more than makes up for that.  It’s gratifying to me that he enjoys sharing, and it’s been a nice sign of his growing up.

What have your favorite unconventional milestones been?


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