Motherhood Isn’t Always Picture-Perfect


picture-perfectam not the mom that I had always pictured I would be.

Growing up, I had big ideas about what kind of mother I would be. Pinterest perfect, always laughing, playing games, and serving five-star dinners every night. I always wanted to be the type of mom who could be an example of patience, kindness, and grace, but the reality is that I am also human, and I am so far from most of these things on most days. 2020 had a way of really showing me all those motherhood imperfections loud and clear. 

Don’t get me wrong; I have had the picture-perfect days of motherhood when I really want to pat myself on the back and say, “Wow, you rocked this day!” And then I have the days where I am counting down the seconds to bedtime when I can finally get time for myself without anyone needing anything from me. As much as I don’t want to admit it, the days where I’m counting down have outweighed the days I think that I am a rock star mother.

Through all the mistakes made in my years as a mother, I have realized that my parenting is messy and imperfect and that it’s ok not to have it all together all the time. I also realize that the less that I put pressure on myself to be the picture-perfect mother, the more I am actually able to enjoy motherhood, even in the hard moments.

So, while I would love to be the rock star mom who can give you some insane motherhood life-changing advice, I am honestly still trying to figure that all out for myself. What I can share with you is encouragement for you to keep showing up for your kids as the messy and imperfect mother that you are, knowing that you are the exact kind of mother your kids need you to be.

And isn’t that just perfect? 

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Melissa was born and raised in Fairfield County. She currently lives in Stamford with her husband and their three children. She works in Fairfield as a children’s mental health therapist, which is a dream job for her and brings more joy and fulfillment than she ever had in the corporate world. She spends most of her free time outside of mom/wife/therapist duties, on her Peloton, browsing the aisles at Target, online shopping, or enjoying nights out with her girlfriends. You can also find her on Instagram @the_storied_mind where she creates posts in the hopes of helping others and breaking the stigma for people to reach out for help in terms of their mental health.


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