Moms Need Friends Too


Throughout the years, we have all probably lost touch with some of our high school and college friends. That’s very understandable, especially with our children’s schooling, activities, and hectic schedules. However, as much as I totally love my children, I still need my girlfriends too. And it seems that ‘need’ is sometimes stronger now more than ever!

Everyone is busy, busy, busy, and life is stressful and crazy. It’s in times like these that it is so important to take the time for our girlfriends.

I believe it is critical to make the time to take a break from mom-life and meet up with your friends. It can be for coffee, lunch, or dinner. Or perhaps a movie, yoga class, a Yankees game, or getting your nails done together. It’s important to share the time together without kids.

Taking a break from your kids and spending a little time with your girlfriends is a must for recharging the batteries, and it is one of my favorite things to do. It’s for my sanity, so to speak, plus it gives me something to get excited about and look forward to. I always remember, too, that life is short, so it feels good to just relax and catch up with friends. 

Of course, I highly recommend having your husband (or grandparents) handle the babysitting duties. If not available, hire the trusty sitter for a girls-only date once a month. A nice break from our kids to enjoy normal adult conversation with no interruptions is healthy. Go on Instagram and take funny photos together, or share fun stories, celebrity gossip, or your new favorite workout or book. We all need adult humor in our lives, and after a girls’ night out, you remember all the other parts of your life that are fun and make you the amazing person that you already are!

So remember to make time with your girlfriends a priority. Taking care of you makes you the best mom you can be (you = all moms).

How often do you get together with your girlfriends?


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