You Are The Mom Your Child Needs!


the mom your children need

My sister and I were talking one day about how different she and my niece are. Although she has become more organized as she ages, my sister thrives on chaos. Completely her opposite, my niece needs structure, routines and order to feel settled and less anxious. This leaves my sister often feeling frustrated because she doesn’t always know how to support my niece.

Our children require so much of us and sometimes we feel like we can’t possibly do it all! We may not understand the way they are feeling or how we can make things better for our children. Sometimes an added challenge is not knowing how to help your child because your personalities are so very different.  

A few days after this conversation, I came across a brilliant quote that @greenchildmag posted on Instagram.

“You are exactly the mom that your child needs.”  

This is profound, and so true. There are times when we don’t know how to maintain our composure as they have a meltdown, or we don’t know how to support them through the tears. Some of us can’t understand their behavior at times, or why they may be so needy. Sometimes I just want to throw my hands in the air and give up because parenting is so hard!

However, in these moments of struggle, it’s important to remember that you were blessed with this child because you can offer the very thing they might need. You and your child may have a conflicting point of view or your personalities may be on opposite sides of the spectrum, but no one can support them better than you.

It is hard to constantly be patient, kind and present. So, if you had a bad day with your child, or you are feeling like you are overwhelmed with their demands, remember, you are exactly the mom your child needs!


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