Your Mom Friends As “Encanto” Characters


If you have kids, there is a good chance you’ve seen the new Disney movie “Encanto” at least once. Or in the case of my family, once a day. I present the fruits of my “Encanto” obsession: what would these characters be like in a mom friend group? Let me know if you agree!


The most “mom” of the friend group. Always willing to drop off a meal to a newly postpartum mom or watch your kid at the playground while you grab something from the car. Not great about self-care, but she’s listening to a new podcast on healing from within. 


Did you hear about so and so’s kid getting kicked out of preschool for biting? She has, and she can tell you all the details. This mom friend is a blessing and a curse, as you love hearing the tea, but sometimes, unfortunately, you are the tea.


Your Insta-perfect mom friend. She has 3,000 followers and a neutral-themed home decor scheme. Her kids bring bento boxes with handwritten notes to school. We all love to hate her but dang if she doesn’t have some style. Also, her recipe for zucchini muffins was a big hit. 


She’ll lurk in the group text but never responds and writes cryptic Facebook statuses. We don’t talk about Bruno.


Intense fitness mom. She wakes up at 4 a.m. every day to lift weights and sweat, so why can’t you? Always seen with a green protein smoothie and Lululemon workout gear. She yells at her kids in a way that makes everyone in a 2-mile radius put their shoes away too.


Your dramatic, hot-mess mom friend. Always in a hurry or forgot something or someone. Also, the first person to share the latest doomsday news article or scary COVID statistics. We love her, but she stresses us out.

Which one are you? Take my word for it; if you haven’t already seen it watch Disney’s Encanto! 


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