Mix It Up!: A Favorite Book and Activity



I always like reading recommendations for things-to-do that’ll keep my 3 year old daughter busy (and entertained!), so today I want to share one of our favorite books and an easy, no-mess activity to go along with it!

Mix-It-Up!We love reading interactive books (like this, this, and this), but our favorite is definitely Herve Tullet’s Mix it Up! Each page of the book is like a pretend canvas, with wording and “instructions” that creatively teach little ones about mixing and making colors. Readers are encouraged to make new colors by using their fingers to “rub” colors together, shaking and tilting pages, and closing then opening the book. You will turn primary colors into secondary colors, and use white and black to lighten and darken colors. Yes, I’m sure there’s an iPad app (or 100+) like this, but I think there’s something more special about it being an interactive book.

As for our no-mess activity, my daughter likes to “mix it up” and fingerpaint in a bag! It’s quick and easy to set-up, with minimal supplies, and keeps her entertained for just long enough that I can usually cross a couple of items off my to-do list.

You’ll need: primary color paints, white cardstock paper, and plastic freezer bags

There are two different approaches you can try (but, we always do #1):
1. You can squirt paint onto a piece of white cardstock paper and put it inside a plastic freezer bag.
2. You can squirt paint into a plastic freezer bag and tape a piece of white cardstock paper behind it.

We usually make three bags: red and blue, red and yellow, blue and yellow. We’ve made both quart size and gallon size, either way you’ll need to trim the paper. Some other bloggers say they’re able to take their child’s “masterpiece” out to save, but I wouldn’t plan on it, unless it’s truly MoMA-worthy.

What books and activities are your little ones loving lately?


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