Fairfield County Mom Takes On The Darkness: Mind Factory’s New Escape Room “Invasion”

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Ever since the Fairfield County Mom team took on Mind Factory’sBreathless” escape room, we have been awaiting the new room, “Invasion.” Moms are natural problem solvers, and when we work as a team? Even better! The crew was lucky enough to have some of our long-time friends to join for the fun. 

The Fairfield Mom Crew and some special friends!

“Invasion” and “Breathless” are the creations of Mind Factory’s Dave Hennessy, who is the owner and amazing tour guide through the process. From first-time escape roomers to experienced gamers, there is something for everyone. While “Breathless” has been an institution since Mind Factory opened, “Invasion” has been a long-awaited labor of love.

As we all know, good things are worth the wait. 

“Ok, what now”

Mind Factory is an experience from the moment you enter the doors. Before entering the room, you watch a video describing the story and the rules. For those of you who have tried “Breathless,” you’ll recognize some of the characters. The well-developed story moves seamlessly from the previous room into a new, darker, and more sinister story. 

This is fine…

Demonic possession, evil forces, and a company with suspect motives all weave their way into “Invasion.” For those of you who are into the spooky scary (like me, resident goth mom of the Fairfield County crew), this is your bread and butter. For someone who jumps at their own shadow, don’t worry. I promise this is for you too.

There are no actors in the room with you, and believe me, they are not needed. The puzzles and games are more than enough to keep your attention and use all of your senses. 

hashtag weird mom

Like moms do, we got to work immediately, split up working on different puzzles and games, and came together as a team. I recommend doing this game with at least four or five people, there is a lot of work to be done, and it’s more fun when you can spread different jobs between friends. 

Workin moms

Guess what? WE WON! With 1:33 minutes left and using a fair share of hints (plus an extra 7 minutes after finding a creepy hidden clue), we beat “Invasion” and had plenty to celebrate. 

According to owner and creator Dave, the story doesn’t stop here…he’s creating a story arc that will eventually include another room and some awesome virtual games.

This is not just any escape room with a theme; this is an epic thriller/horror saga that spans from “Breathless” to “Invasion” and beyond. It’s what sets Mind Factory apart and keeps people coming back. I cannot wait to see what Mind Factory puts out next.

Get you a crew that poses with a hell-beast

We survived the demons and even took a few pictures with them! We had an amazing time and worked together to beat the room with minutes to spare. I highly recommend Mind Factory for a girl’s night out, date night, birthday, or a team-building exercise. Keep in mind Invasion is PG-13, so get a babysitter for your younger kiddos and have fun!

For more information, visit the Mind Factory website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram


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